Governor Murphy is ashamed to say Abortion

September 16

One hundred babies per day are now saved each day in Texas because of the state’s new heartbeat law. This law allows residents to hold accountable abortionists who abort babies with a heartbeat. Governor Murphy and anti-life legislators in New Jersey are furious that babies are given safe haven in Texas. His response was swift and literally deadly: he urged state lawmakers to pass the NJ License to Kill Act (so-called Reproductive Freedom Act).

In a recent editorial about the Texas baby protection bill, Governor Murphy and Senator Loretta Weinberg called for the passage of their extreme bill to protect “reproductive justice”, “reproductive healthcare”, “reproductive freedom”, and the most ironic description of all, “lifesaving health care.

Yet, in all their empty rhetoric and the usage of poll-tested, politically approved phrases, they never mention the word ABORTION in support of their bill. They briefly use the word a single time in reference to a Mississippi law, but it is never used to justify the passage of the so-called Reproductive Freedom Act.

This is not surprising because many statewide media articles have covered Governor Murphy’s insistence to pass his treasured birthday abortion bill (a child could be aborted the same day they could have been born). In all of his press statements, responses, and campaign updates, he never uses the word ABORTION when he speaks about his radical abortion bill. Here are some examples:

Even his new campaign TV ad released this week, Governor Murphy talks about protecting “our right to choose” – but does not mention ABORTION.

Why is he so ashamed of the word – abortion? According to Oxford English dictionary, an abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. The last thing most New Jersey voters want is more developing human lives being intentionally ended in the womb.

The good news is you and I, along with pro-life coalition partners across the state, are in the majority opinion on this proposed legislation.

The bad news is, unless these same voters who disapprove of this bill actually vote their consciences in November, preborn human babies might forever be unprotected in our state.

Please look for our 2021 Endorsements and Recommendations for this upcoming election in next week’s email and be ready to share it with others. Act like lives depend on it, because they do.

Protecting your family,

Shawn Hyland
Executive Director




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