What Wyoming Learned from Virginia

November 11

Last week, an election heard ‘round the country’ demonstrated that families care about the agenda the radical left has been pushing. We have heard from pollsters and prognosticators that conservatives have fallen into race-baiting and anti-school attitudes – and that the leftist agenda would continue. The Virginia election results showed us that these voters care a lot about the cultural issues and rejected the left’s radical propaganda.

Elections are a lot like an x-ray machine in the doctor’s office. The x-ray moves the conversation from speculation to real objective evidence. Parents have heard the radical left’s arguments that push a new form of racism disguised as “anti-racism.” The school-districts would rather cut parents out of the conversation on what their children are taught, and the left wants to see a new, more socialist anti-family movement. What the Virginia elections tell us is that parents and families have heard the arguments and have rebuffed this anti-family vision, or as some call it the “modern family.”

Sometimes, politicians will speak as though the only thing that matters is business and economics. I have heard people say we should stop “wasting time” on social issues. What the Virginia, and for that matter, the New Jersey elections tell us is that while economics matter, people are rejecting woke indoctrination and telling us that social issues matter – a lot. They really don’t like it when their kids are taught that they are inherently racist because of the color of their skin and that boys must be allowed in girls bathrooms. The moral dimension matters. What Glen Youngkin did is he listened to parents and kids and fought against the education establishment.

Voters in Virginia rejected the extreme abortion position that has been promoted in Virginia. Just a few years ago, the current governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, went on a talk show and expressed his support for what can only be described as infanticide – that is, the death of a child after birth! During the race, Terry McAuliffe agreed, declaring himself to be a “brick wall” to any efforts to reverse such a terrible view of human life. Voters in Virginia saw that brick wall and refused to allow it to remain in their state.

The ideologies of the left that we’re seeing pushed so hard in Virginia are present in Wyoming too. The way we have seen the educational industry introduce curricula and books into Wyoming schools in recent years tells us that parents must stand up now – before it gets worse.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming, which stands for parents and families, won a court battle against one school district in Wyoming last month because that district chose to cut the parents out of the conversation about sex and race. We know that this attitude is present in other parts of Wyoming as well, so we must fight against the indoctrination of our children and teens.

I am asking you to consider giving to Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming so we can continue to fight for families. As we come to the end of year 2021, we are asking for you to partner with us in this great cause!

Thank you,



Nathan Winters
Executive Director