Transgender Reality Check!

November 18

My wife and I tend to watch movies that have happy endings. Yes, I know what you’re going to say, that’s not reality, that’s fantasy! But the fact is that for many, reality can be painful, and fantasy offers a welcomed relief.

According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, grappling with painful realities is often the underlying cause of gender confusion in young people. When that’s the case, shouldn’t our response be to provide the help needed to deal with the pain? Dr. Cretella’s message at our recent Bible, Gender and Sexuality Conference was titled: ‘Healing Minds, Embracing Bodies, Saving Lives.’ 

She said in life sciences, sex is defined according to an organism’s role in reproduction. Men produce sperm, women produce ova. Women receive sperm to fertilize ova to produce offspring. The facts and realities according to science are:

  • Females contain XX in every nucleated cell, and males possess XY in every nucleated cell (barring very rare genetic disorders).
  • No natural processes, drugs, or surgeries can alter a person’s genetics. Sex does not and cannot change.
  • Sex hormones and drugs change appearance & physiology to some degree, but do not change biological sex.
  • No medical intervention can “transition” any person from one sex to the other.

So, if the facts and realities are clear, where does gender confusion come from? A 2021 study from Australia (Kozlowska K et. al) found that traumas and mental Illness often precede gender dysphoria/confusion. Here were their findings.

  • 89% of ‘transitioning’ children ages 8-15 had mental illness before onset of trans belief.
  • 98% had a history of traumatic events.
  • Those ‘transitioning’ children had an average of 5 traumas per child mostly from within the family.

We are often told that young people will take their lives unless their dysphoria is affirmed and we allow them to be cosmetically altered. But now that we have had more time to study this trans phenomenon, researchers find that is NOT the case. On average, 75% of confused children resolve and accept their biological sex by adulthood. Some studies even show 85-95%. On the other hand, the suicide risk for trans identified youth exceeds other ‘at risk’ groups (see here).

  • Being trans-identified increases suicide risk by factor of 13
  • Anorexia increases risk by a factor of 18
  • Depression multiplies it by a factor of 20
  • Autism raises the risk by a factor of 8

Once the facts are known, it becomes clear that the compassionate response to gender dysphoria/confusion would be counseling to help them deal with real pain in their lives. In Rhode Island right now it is illegal for a paid professional to discourage a minor from irreversible life-altering surgeries or chemical hormones.

This year, Family Policy Alliance will be working with RI legislators to pass ‘Help Not Harm’ legislation to prevent giving hormones to minors and subjecting them to gender altering surgeries (see here).

Please pray for compassionate and courageous legislators to change this law and pass legislation that will help, not harm our youth.

Next year comes with its own challenges, but we must continue to fight for truth in our state. Please consider supporting our efforts prayerfully and financially to make Rhode Island a state where…God is Honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes and Life is Cherished.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Board of Directors – Rhode Island