What Would You Do?

December 29

‘What Would You Do’ is a long-running television program that is in its 17th season. The premise of the show is to create a scenario that puts people in an uncomfortable position and films their response with a hidden camera. Unlike similar programs, the staged scenarios are meant to be intense not comical. For instance, one scenario focused on a man in a park yelling at his wife. The responses of the passerby were across the spectrum. Some completely ignored the man, some slowed down and watched, while some intervened.

Someone recently compared the TV series to the story of the Good Samaritan. In that story, Jesus was clearly attempting to awaken the conscience of his listeners by describing an emotional situation. Jesus told his story in response to the question, ‘who is my neighbor?’  Just as in the TV series, there were those who passed by and did nothing; but finally, someone walked by who had enough love and compassion to stop and help.

Our culture abounds with injustice and the question is, ‘what will you do?’ Here’s what the Family Policy Alliance (FPA) in Rhode Island is planning to do in the New Year 2022.

  • The ‘transgender movement’ has blurred the lines between male and female. Rhode Island minors are buying into it and experiencing irreversible damage to their bodies with these life-altering surgeries, often without parental consent. FPA RI will work with legislators to introduce ‘Help Not Harm’ legislation that will prevent minors from having gender transition surgeries. The suicide rate for this group is dramatically increasing.
  • FPA RI will once again work with legislators to pass ‘Save Girls’ Sports’ legislation which simply says that to compete in girls’ sports, you must be a biological girl. This simple piece of legislation will help save our school age girls from physical harm and sexual abuse in our RI schools.
  • FPA RI will work with legislators to implement ‘curriculum transparency’ that will allow parents to preview what their children are being taught in both ‘sex-education’ and ‘civics.’ Last year, Sen. Tiara Mack and Rep. Kislak introduced legislation to change our state’s position on sex-ed curriculum from being ‘abstinence-based’ to ‘pleasure-based.’ The change would teach 6-12 grade students to actually have sex, including LGBT sex. Most parents don’t really know what their children are being taught when it comes to sex Ed and civics. Our legislation would enlighten them greatly!
  • The LIFE vs. ABORTION issue will once again take center stage in 2022. According to a new Guttmacher Institute report, in 2021, 19 states passed 106 pro-life laws in 2021, including total abortion bans that could protect tens of thousands of unborn babies every year. This is more than any other previous year since Roe in 1973! Unfortunately, Rhode Island has one of the most extreme abortion laws in the country, with NO RESTRICTIONS on taking the life of a pre-born baby. We will be working with legislators to pass pro-life policies with our ‘After Roe Campaign’, a joint effort with other organizations that you can read about at AfterRoe.com.

As this year ends and a new year begins, ‘WHAT WILL YOU DO?’ As we wrap up this year, we are praying you’ll give one last generous gift now! There’s just so much at stake when it comes to families, human life, and religious freedom! Please prayerfully consider your most generous gift to support Family Policy Foundation so we can have an impact on our future for your family and your values in 2022.

Give by midnight on Friday, December 31 and your gift will be DOUBLED by the $150,000 challenge grant.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Advisors – Rhode Island