This Month: Life and Death in New Jersey

January 13

After ringing in a New Year, each January we focus on the life issues, as this is the month when the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, leading to the termination nationally of more than 62 million babies in the womb.

Also, every two years we deal with what is infamously called “The Lame Duck Legislative Session.”  This year’s version began after the General Election on Nov. 2 and ran through Jan. 11. This is a time when some of the most egregious bills that the radical left wants to see passed into law get moved, and this year was no different.

The Reproductive Freedom Act was redrafted and pushed forward, ignoring all policies and procedures for bill hearings, the most important being that a bill should be posted and available for review five days before the scheduled hearing. With the liberals in control, those protocols went out the window. The bills were actually being delivered to the legislators as the committees held the hearing.

This new version (S49/A6260) had all the egregious points of the initial bills and would legalize abortion up to the point of birth. In the Assembly, it passed by a vote of 46-22, with four not voting and eight abstaining. In the Senate, the vote was 23-15, with two not voting. So as most New Jerseyans were dealing with the pandemic and the Omicron variant, the legislature took the opportunity to “get things done.”

Thank you to so many of you all over the state who responded to our call to action and made your voices heard to legislators on this outrageous bill. It’s important that we do so, even when it’s an uphill fight. We have the self-evident truth of life on our side, and we must continue to proclaim it. Someday, we WILL WIN the fight to protect life, and the mystery will be how our politicians of today could have been so hard-hearted and blind to the truth.

To that end, here are two more ways that you can actively stand for life:

  • The Rally for Life will be held in Trenton on Friday, January 14. For more information about the Rally for Life, click here.
  • If you have interest in attending the Annual National March for Life, on Friday, January 21, in Washington D.C., please click here.

In this context, it’s also fitting that we commemorate the life of an American Hero on Monday. Dr. Martin Luther King literally gave his life in the quest to uphold true equality. His quest for people of color to be treated equally was, on Dr. King’s part, a mission worth dying for. Let’s remember his sacrifice and critical contribution to upholding the life and dignity of all.

Yours for the Family,

Len Deo