Updates from New Jersey and the Nation

February 10


In the State:

Have you ever heard of a FQHC? You may be wondering what the heck is a FQHC? Well, it stands for a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center.

In New Jersey, at last count there were 136 of these FQHCs (including satellite locations) across the state of New Jersey. Why is this important? Because FQHCs provide health care services mostly for the poor and indigent across the Garden State. Many are located in urban areas.

In fact, one of these organizations is the North Hudson Community Action Corporation. The Director of the NHCAC is Joan Quigley, whom I had the opportunity to interact with when she was in the NJ Assembly. I also met her attending one of NHCAC’s fund raising functions. So here is the point I am getting at – these organizations all over the state provide a great service to women and families. What service do they not provide? Abortion!

So now my question for the Governor is this: “Why is Planned Parenthood given such favorable treatment and priority when it comes to state funding?” After all, as I wrote in a previous week’s e-mail, the funding for Planned Parenthood (PP) has grown by 100 percent over the past four years.

As of 2020, PP had 21 locations, down from 26 in 2016. There are over 50 pro-life Pregnancy Care Centers in NJ, which is twice the number of PP locations. If you compare the FQHC’s 136 locations to PP’s 21 locations, that’s 6.5 FQHCs for every PP location. Pregnancy Care Centers and FQHCs together outnumber PP locations by a substantial 9-to-1 margin.

I truly believe Planned Parenthood’s days are numbered. It might be years, but as we can see, there are a lot of other ways to get important healthcare services in NJ to women, children and families.

So what can you do about this? Find out where the local FQHCs are in your area and then write to your state legislators to ask them why Planned Parenthood is getting a bulk of the funding, while other organizations provide all the services and more, but NOT abortion. I don’t know about you, but I’m incensed about my tax dollars going to support abortion. Perhaps it’s time to raise the issue to your elected legislators in NJ.

In the Nation:

  • Well, maybe it’s not in our nation yet, but it has been exciting to watch what is going on in Canada with the Trucker Convoy protesting having to provide proof of vaccination. I am glad to see everyday heroes standing up to the overreach of government, whether in Canada or here in the USA.
  • Gary Bauer’s national daily update included a NJ item this week. “Yesterday, [February 7th] [Governor] Murphy accepted that the tide is turning. He announced that New Jersey’s mask mandate will end on March 7th. And Murphy wasn’t alone. Liberal governors in California, Connecticut, Delaware and Oregon made similar announcements. Maybe soon the ‘new normal’ will become normal once again. Here’s praying!”

Yours for the Family,

Len Deo

P.S. Next week, we will start analyzing how we got to the situation in the schools with CRT and the LGBTQ education mandates – and what we can do about them.