How did we get here?

February 18

I often hear parents voice their frustration by saying, “I can’t believe they are teaching this in school!” Unfortunately, I can.

Our current educational crisis has not taken me by surprise. We have been warning churches, legislators, and parents for years that the effort to sexualize minors with pornographic novels, to teach risky sexual acts to young children, and to sow seeds of confusion regarding the binary gender was part of a plan to fundamentally change society.

And the building block of society is the Family.

One of the first major Supreme Court cases that began the process to redefine the family was Lawrence v. Texas in 2003. This decision set a precedent that state legislators across the country cannot create laws based on traditional sexual morality. But this wasn’t enough…

This immediately gave rise to the effort to recognize civil unions between adults of the same sex. In October of 2006, the NJ Supreme Court forced the state legislature to create a law that recognizes the legal union of two individuals of the same sex. But this wasn’t enough….

Civil Unions quickly became a national push to legalize same sex marriages. The definition of the nuclear family unit had to be redefined according to activists. In NJ, our organization, along with churches and partners across the state, faithfully and successfully stopped the redefinition of marriage for ten years. After five legislative sessions, it finally did pass, but Governor Chris Christie vetoed it. But this wasn’t enough…

(In NJ, the legal definition of marriage remained one man and one woman until January 2022! It was legal in NJ based on the 2015 Supreme Court case below, but it was not codified into state law until last month.)

What activists long depended on was the ultra-liberal progressives that sat on the nation’s highest court to implement their plan. In June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that every state was required to recognize same-sex marriages, thereby overturning five thousand years of world religions, ethnic cultures, traditional laws, and long-standing bedrock family structures. But this wasn’t enough…

The end game to redefine the family was never intended to simply allow adults to receive legal rights between partners as married couples do. It was always about teaching the next generation of children to adopt new sexual ethics and practices.

Next week, we will continue drawing the direct link between the kindergarten classroom in NJ and the national, decade-long movement to force the state to end its recognition of the gender binary.

I leave you with this platform statement from Liberation Road, a far-left socialist organization: “Gender liberation goes beyond mere equality, but requires the fundamental transformation of society.” That my friend, has always been the plan.

But we are not giving up. We are here to protect the family. Your voice will be heard in Trenton and around the state.

For Family,

Len Deo