Wyoming’s Legislative Session Is Off to the Races!

February 21

Dear Wyoming Family friends,

The 2022 Wyoming Legislative Budget session has launched. After the first week, eight bills that directly impact Life, Religious Freedom, and Family Values have made it through the introduction process. Over the next three weeks, our team will keep you informed on the passage of these bills through the legislative process and will ask for your help in reaching out to your legislators along the way.

SF0051 Fairness in women’s sports act.

Athletics, along with arts and sciences, are part of a well-rounded education of body, mind, and spirit. Fifty years ago, Title IX recognized this and leveled the playing field for women to give them the opportunity for equal education.

Biological males in women’s sports put women on the bench and muscle them off the podium. Physiological differences in stature, bone density, and musculature also create safety issues on the playing field. Sexual differences make for anxiety in locker rooms and on overnight trips.

Equal educational opportunities for women calls on us to recognize all these biological differences and create fair spaces for them to excel in athletics.

SF0062 Civics Transparency Act.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Countless parents have been alarmed to learn about false and harmful ideas being taught to their children. This bill puts legal authority in the hands of parents to meaningfully monitor the curriculum and the policies of their local school district. It requires the publishing of material and activities used to teach your children. The benefits of this requirement far outweigh the costs to the administration.

The bill also amplifies current law requiring that the historical evils of racism be explicitly taught to future generations. And to explicitly teach that “it is wrong to be unfair to anyone or treat anyone differently due to their race or ethnicity.”

SF0083 Prohibiting chemical abortions.

The abortion pill regimen is among the most invasive and dangerous drugs ever to be put on the market. Its known side effects include severe bleeding, infection, retained fetal parts, and death. The abortion industry, working in concert with Big Pharma, is actively working to shift the burden of risk to women. This is designed to make money from frightened women, and to advance a political agenda. These have no place in responsible, modern medicine. The FDA is totally unmoored from the democratic legislative process, answering only to the bureaucracy tilted toward Big Pharma. Making the abortion pill an over-the-counter drug has radical implications for women’s health and safety, especially as it pertains to intimate partner violence, sexual abuse and sex trafficking, accurate patient assessment, and more.

HB0027 Visitation rights.

With the advent of the Covid crisis, countless hospitals and long-term care facilities made the unilateral decision to prioritize so-called medical sterility over every other consideration of human care. As a result, thousands of patients were deprived of spiritual and emotional care from family, friends, and clergy. These decisions, often made in boardrooms thousands of miles away, gave no avenue for reasonable accommodation, or even for upholding the Patient’s Bill of Rights. Many patients died lonely and many died of loneliness. Wyoming can never permit this to happen again. It has been fully demonstrated that we need a law to prevent this abuse of power.

HB0083 Protection of parental rights-application.

Wyoming law already requires that before the state or any of its agencies can infringe on parental rights, it must prove a “compelling state interest” and do so “in the least restrictive way.” Please support HB 83 because it clarifies that this “strict scrutiny” standard applies both to the judicial and non-judicial judgments of the state, as well as to all domestic relations.

HB0085 Child endangering-controlled substance use while pregnant.

In March of 2020, a Torrington judge dismissed charges against a mother who knowingly abused her child by ingesting illicit drugs while pregnant. The defense alleged that pregnant women are not yet mothers and that unborn children are not yet persons. The state’s prosecutor failed to respond to the motion! This case demonstrates the need for HB 85. While reasonable Wyomingites have every reason to expect that children are protected from abuse in the womb, HB 85 would put the language in statute which would remove any doubt.

HB0092 Abortion prohibition-supreme court decision.

Legal analysts on both sides of the aisle have known for decades that Roe v. Wade was one of the Supreme Court’s most unsound decisions. It is only a matter of time before it is overturned. That time could happen already this year. Whenever it happens, sound law based on Wyoming’s Constitution (and not on “penumbras formed by emanations”) needs to be in place. Wyoming’s Constitution states, “In their inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all members of the human race are equal” (Art. 1, Sec. 2). Please support HB 92 which reasonably protects the life and liberty of both mother and child.

HB0149 Human life equality-prohibiting discriminatory abortions.

Sex, Race, Color, National Origin, and Ancestry should never be the reason for ending a person’s life. There is already a nationwide ethical and medical conversation about the propriety of abortion for the sake of a woman’s health. No civil society should bypass the needs of the woman and allow abortion based on undesirable traits of the child.

Watch for our updates and action alerts in the coming days as the legislature progresses through its schedule and considers these and other important measures.


Nathan Winters, Executive Director
and The Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming Team