Wyoming Budget Session Legislation Tracking List (As of Tuesday Evening)

February 23



HB0037 Juvenile Justice Data Reporting. [Oppose]
 – 02/22/2022 House 3rd Reading: Laid Back  [Action: watch to see what happens]

B0083 Protection of Parental Rights-Application. [Support]
 – 02/22/2022 No Action Reported; still holding on the House General File [Action, if you haven’t e-mailed your Representative, there is time to indicate your support for this bill]

HB0085 Child Endangering-Controlled Substance Use While Pregnant[Support]
– 02/17/2022 Introduced in the House and Referred to H01 – Judiciary (46-13-1-0-0)
– 02/22/2022 No Action Reported [Action: still time to e-mail the Judiciary committee members to urge their support]:

House Judiciary Committee Members

Reason: This bill would de facto recognize the legal status of the “child” in the womb as a living person entitled to protection under the law. Research has consistently shown that the improper use of narcotics and other controlled substances harms unborn children in a variety of ways. Parents should protect their children, not harm them—even in the womb. In essence, this is a type of child endangerment.

HB0092 Abortion Prohibition—Supreme Court Decision [Support]
– 02/17/2022 Introduced in the House and Referred to H10 – Labor (42-17-1-0-0)
02/22/2022 No Action in Committee Reported [Action: still time to e-mail the Labor committee members to urge their support]:

House Labor Committee Members:

Analysis: Legal analysts on both sides of the aisle have known for decades that Roe v. Wade was one of the Supreme Court’s most unsound decisions. It is only a matter of time before it is overturned. That time could happen already this year. Whenever it happens, sound law based on Wyoming’s Constitution (and not on “penumbras formed by emanations”) needs to be in place. Wyoming’s Constitution states, “In their inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all members of the human race are equal” (Art. 1, Sec. 2). Please support HB 92 which reasonably protects the life and liberty of both mother and child.



SF0051 Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. [Support]
– 02/21/2022 Senate Education Committee Meets at 08:00 AM in the State Capitol Room W110
– 02/22/2022 – Email the Committee to ask them to support SF0051!

Senate Education Committee Members:

Analysis: Athletics, along with arts and sciences, are part of a well-rounded education of body, mind, and spirit. Fifty years ago, Title IX recognized this and leveled the playing field for women to give them the opportunity for equal education. Biological males in women’s sports put women on the bench and muscle them off the podium. Physiological differences in stature, bone density, and musculature also create safety issues on the playing field. Sexual differences make for anxiety in locker rooms and on overnight trips. Equal educational opportunities for women calls on us to recognize all these biological differences and create fair spaces for them to excel in athletics.

Claims have been made that preventing trans-females from participating in women’s sports MAY cause them to commit suicide. The converse may equally as well be true: Biological females who have spent their lives preparing to compete at a high level only to have all their hopes dashed because they have to compete against biological males MAY just as well commit suicide. Any suicide by either group is a tragedy, but protecting one numerically smaller group at the expense of a numerically larger group is morally, ethically and logically unsound. A “win-win” situation must be found to prevent either group from such drastic responses to disappointment. This bill is a FIRST step, but not the only step.

SF0054 Licensed Professional Counselor Compact. [Oppose]
– 02/21/2022 Senate Labor, Health & Social Services  – 07:30AM – Capitol Extension W006
02/22/2022 No Action Reported from Committee [Action: still time to e-mail the Labor committee members asking them to oppose passing it]:

Senate Labor Committee Members

Analysis: While the need for more licensed Counselors in Wyoming is very real, this interstate Compact gives away too much power that Wyoming might otherwise have over counselors from outside the state—particularly those providing counseling over the internet or via other telehealth mediums. The discipline of counselors found to be leading children or adolescents astray with LQBTQ or other ultra-liberal suggestions is largely up to the state they were licensed in—not Wyoming. Imagine a counselor licensed in San Francisco “counseling” your child via Zoom over their cell phone and trying to convince them to change their gender–all without you knowing about it! This, of course, is not proper or legal, but taking action against that counselor involves convincing two states (Wyoming and California) as well as the Commission created to oversee the Compact that the counselor should be disciplined. The network used to authorize telehealth has already been tried by Wyoming and found to be problematic. We need more counselors, but not at the risk of endangering our children from out-of-state counselors with ideas that many parents do not agree with.

 Education-Limitations on Teaching Critical Race History-2 [Support]
– 02/15/2022 Bill Number Assigned
– 02/16/2022 Received in the Senate for Introduction
– 02/17/2022 Introduced in the Senate and Referred to S04 – Education (25-5-0-0-0)
– 02/18/2022 Senate Education Committee: Recommend Amend and Do Pass (5-0-0-0)
– 02/18/2022 Placed on Senate General File
– 02/21/2022 Senate Committee of the Whole: Passed
02/22/2022 Senate 2nd Reading: Passed [Action: E-mail your Senator and ask he/she to support the bill on its third reading]

Thanks for taking action on these items and reaching out to our legislature!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director