Great progress at the state capitol!

February 24

Wednesday morning was an extremely active day in the Wyoming Legislature. Five of our Pro-Life, Pro-Family bills were discussed in different committees, and all five passed. Your response has been a tremendous help to the process. Here is a brief discussion of what happened.

Three pro-life bills made it through committee:

  • HB 149: Human life equality – prohibiting discriminatory abortions
  • HB 92: Abortion prohibition – tied to Supreme Court decision
  • SF 83: Prohibiting chemical abortions

Also, two important bills passed the Senate Education Committee today. The first ensures that young ladies have the opportunity to play sports without fear of boys running them over and taking their scholarships away. The second bill allows parents to see the lessons plans of teachers, especially when Critical Race Theory and other Marxist ideas are introduced to their children.

  • SF 51: Fairness in Women’s Sports Act
  • SF 62: Civics Transparency Act

If you have not emailed your legislators on these 5 crucial bills, reach out to them today!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director