Progress in Cheyenne!

February 28

Last week Family Policy Alliance focused on getting eight essential bills out of committee and onto the floor by Friday night. Our constituents coordinated with other family advocates to contact committee members and encourage favorable action. It was time well spent.

The “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” (SF 51) was most openly contested. Progressive lobbyists packed the hearing room in an attempt to run out the clock. But by Wednesday morning, it passed out of committee to join six others that cleared the hurdle.

By Thursday, the focus shifted to working with House and Senate leadership to bring these bills to the floor by Friday’s adjournment. Nathan Winters, Director of Wyoming’s FPA, helped the bill-sponsors to negotiate with decision-makers and shepherd their bills through the process. His advice was invaluable. Many citizens also contacted the leadership and asked for a fair hearing.

Through these joint efforts, “Abortion Prohibition-Supreme Court Decision” (HB 92) was presented to the House and passed its first reading on a solid voice vote. This is, perhaps, the most important pro-life legislation of the year. It anticipates the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. If it does, HB 92 will return Wyoming’s abortion statutes to protect “every member of the human race,” in keeping with Article I, Section 2 of Wyoming’s Constitution.

“Visitation Rights” (HB 27) and “Child Endangering-Controlled Substance Use While Pregnant” (HB 85) were also heard by the full House and easily passed their first readings. HB 27 would prohibit health care facilities from isolating their patients indefinitely to the detriment of emotional and spiritual health. HB 85 protects the unborn child from child-endangerment in the womb.

Only “Human Life-Prohibiting Discriminatory Abortions” (HB 149) died in the speaker’s drawer. On the Senate side, the education bill “Civics Transparency Act” (SF 62) is poised to go to the House.

“Fairness in Women’s Sports” (SF 51) and “Prohibiting Chemical Abortions” (SF 83) were not heard by the time of adjournment on Friday. But surprisingly, leadership is indicating that they may yet be heard on Monday. The two most important and contested bills (HB 92 and SF 51) need your strong support to advance this week.

We anticipate attempts to amend HB 92 to insert “rape and incest exceptions.” Before Roe, Wyoming did not have these exceptions—for good reason. They have never been proven to help women heal from their trauma, but they can add insult to injury. We can educate ourselves on these realities through the resources of the Elliot Institute, which has worked with victims of assault for decades.

SF 51, Fairness in Women’s Sports, is absolutely needed in Wyoming since neither the WHSAA nor the NCAA protects them. It is both sane and necessary to protect women and girls from unfair competition, injury, and indignity.

The Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming Team