A Fast-Moving Update from the Legislature

March 3

With the news echoing around the globe of the brave and defiant stand of the people of Ukraine as they battle for their lives and liberties, it is easy to overlook the very real battles and victories taking place closer to home.

Tuesday was “Crossover Day” in the Wyoming Legislature. Crossover is the point at which a bill that starts in the House of Representatives must be all the way through the process in the House and have “crossed-over” to the Senate or it dies (and vice versa with bills starting in the Senate).

At this point, we are happy to report several wonderful victories!

  • SF 62, the Civics Transparency Act, has made it all the way through the Senate and waits for the Speaker of the House to assign it to a committee.
  • SF 51, Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, faced an amendment that “gutted” the bill on Monday, but Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming worked with our allies and helped with an amendment that restored much of what was lost. Senators Wendy Schuler and Cheri Steinmetz have worked tirelessly to protect fairness in women’s sports in the Senate. Fairness in women’s sports is absolutely needed in Wyoming since neither the WHSAA nor the NCAA protects them.
  • Two life bills passed and are making their way to the Senate. They are HB 92, Abortion Prohibition—Supreme Court Decision, and HB 85, Child Endangering—Controlled Substance Use While Pregnant.

It is amazing to think that we are just a little over a week away from the end of the 2022 Session of the Wyoming Legislature! So much is happening, and changes take place hourly in Cheyenne.

Know that we are working hard on your behalf, and thank you for the prayer and support during this very busy time!

Nathan Winters & Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming Team