The Glaring Contradiction in LGBT Dogma

March 3

Over the past two weeks, I have been recapping the steps that activists who are committed to the sexual revolution have intentionally taken to not only redefine marriage but even redefine humanity. If you missed any part of this series, please read my previous emails:

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Today, I want us to take notice of the hostility and outright dehumanization experienced by people who formerly lived and identified with alternative sexual identities. The Ex-Gay movement has been vilified and marginalized by the radical left. Why is that? Because their stories counteract the talking points trumpeted by LGBT activists that people are born with certain sexual proclivities that are immutable and unchanging. Therefore, in their mind, sexual desires are not rooted in thoughts that lead to actions but are hardwired identities. How often have we heard the phrase “I was born this way” to enshrine the sexual revolution’s demands into laws.

Except, when it comes to the “T” in the movement – transgender. These same activists take a swift pivot and reverse course on everything they just stated. They believe “being born” into a certain physical biological body can be a mistake when it conflicts with the feelings of the gender you think you are. Instead of offering the emotional and mental care someone struggling with gender dysphoria deserves, the LGBT movement is insisting children be placed on puberty-blocking hormone agents and cross-sex hormones. That can lead to the final stage of sex reassignment surgery – often in some states without parent’s permission. This is insane!

Did we notice the inconsistency in this thought pattern? They ban conversion therapy, even basic counseling, for subjective sexual desires because they believe people are “born this way” and unable to change, yet they promote corrective surgery to fix the objective physical anatomy people were “born with.” This radical assault on truth and the redefinition of what it means to be human as male, or female, has given rise to the movement to Save Girls’ Sports. Parents and legislators are proactively standing up to this unhealthy and unfair agenda that replaces opportunities once reserved for biological females and gives them now to biological males. This is outrageous!

Thankfully, legislators here in NJ have introduced the Fairness in Women’s Sports bill (Assembly Bill 1630/Senate Bill 598).

And when it comes to the surgery and drugs mentioned above, our response has always been Help Not Harm. Surgery and drugs won’t heal a hurting heart. Giving kids puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even transgender surgery violates the first duty of medicine: Do no harm. Transition is not an effective form of treatment, as 80-95 percent of children will outgrow gender dysphoria if they are loved by their parents and peers to be the gender that correlates with their natural bodies.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo