Capitol Update: A win for life – and how the Speaker killed two good bills

March 10

The extraordinary pace of the Session has almost drawn to a close.

First, the good news. I am thrilled to report that HB 92 Abortion Prohibition-Supreme Court Decision passed through the House (43-16) and through its first reading in the Senate. This “trigger bill” would properly position Wyoming for the eventual overturning of Roe v. Wade by the United States Supreme Court. When that happens, it would trigger a mechanism that automatically returns protection for the unborn to the status of Wyoming law before 1973.

In a very exciting development, we partnered with pro-life advocates to bring Rebecca Kiessling to Wyoming as an internationally known spokeswoman for those conceived in rape. Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming arranged a press conference with her and bill sponsors. In her testimony before the Senate Labor Committee, Rebecca gave powerful testimony explaining that in the horrible circumstance of rape, we should punish the guilty party, not the innocent. This bill is proceeding through the Senate. We need you to contact your Senator and ask that they pass this vital bill.

But we also have two very sober reports for you.

First, the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” overwhelmingly passed the Senate with 25 out of the 30 Senators voting Aye.  Sadly, the Speaker of the House “pocket vetoed” the bill by keeping it on his desk and not allowing it to be sent to a committee. This bill has broad support from across the population. It isn’t considered Left or Right, Democrat or Republican. It simply protects the opportunities of our young ladies to play on a fair playing field, earn scholarships, and know that Wyoming understands the biological differences between boys and girls. Be assured, we will be bringing this very popular bill back and we are confident that, with new pro-family representatives elected this year, we will not be stymied by House leadership again.

Secondly, after passing the Senate, the Civics Transparency Act likewise was killed in the House.  The Civics Transparency Act is a bill designed to help parents see if theories such as Critical Race Theory or the radical ideas of the Sexual Revolution are present in their children’s classrooms. Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming stands for the principle that schools serve families rather than the other way around. Sadly, when the Speaker of the House designed the House Education Committee, he placed several of the most liberal members in the House on the committee to kill good bills like this. The bill died 5-4 in the Education Committee. We want to thank the sponsors and supporters for their hard work. Until we elect legislators who care more for families than for the education industry, we will continue to see good education policy die.

The powerful news is that all of the bills that FPA supports have passed with large margins when they are given a fair chance to be heard. While we will continue to push against procedural barriers, public support is strong and growing. We will continue to advocate for women, children, and families as the session draws to a close.


Nathan Winters
Executive Director