How Your Legislators Voted

March 10

One of the most common questions people ask us is, “How did my legislator vote?”

I am pleased to share this Report Card for the 2020-2021 New Jersey State Legislature. Here is a snapshot of how your legislators in the Assembly and the Senate voted on key social and moral legislation related to life, education, and parental rights.

Guided by our mission of building a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. This report card shows the votes of your lawmakers on two of the most horrendous bills heard and voted upon in the 2020-2021 Legislative Session. A bill is passed by a simple majority in the Senate (21 votes needed out of 40 senators) and the Assembly (41 votes needed out of 80 assembly members.)

This report card is not an endorsement of any candidate or political party. It does not measure any lawmakers’ integrity, commitment to their faith, work ethic, or rapport with Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey. It does, however, accurately report how your legislators voted on bills that harm or protect your family values.

The Bills scored include:

  • Mandating lessons on transgenderism and sexual orientation starting in kindergarten
  • Codifying into law the right to abort a child up to the moment of birth

In addition, we highlighted the bill sponsors of the positive pro-family legislation, so you know who is speaking up for you and championing the rights of parents and the sanctity of life. Each legislator will receive the scorecard for their own purposes. Please pray for the 220th legislative session that started back on Jan 11, 2022.

DOWNLOAD 219th legislative scorecard

Fighting for your family.

Len Deo