Opportunity Knocks!

March 17

Rep. Jim Langevin, who represents Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District, will not seek reelection after 22 years in Congress. An opportunity like this does not occur often! With the constant attacks on religious freedom in our state, we would do well to pray that whoever fills this seat would have respect for the Christian community and the godly values we endeavor to live by.

Because of my involvement with Family Policy Alliance, I have been following closely where candidates fall on issues affecting Faith and Familyand here’s an FYI that may help if you reside in District 2 and have a vote on who fills this open seat.

The Democratic candidates will likely continue to vote for the party platform (which is anti-faith and anti-family). If that happens, we should and will continue to pray for those in authority as the Apostle Paul instructs us. Who knows what God may do? We could see another Saul become a Paul and champion religious freedom!

The other candidates are former Mayor of Cranston Alan Fung, former State Rep. Bob Lancia, and current Senator Jessica de la Cruz. As I have followed the voting records of the candidates concerning faith and family values, the only one who has consistently represented the values of Evangelicals, Roman Catholics and the Christian community in general is Senator Jessica de la Cruz. She has introduced and voted for legislation that is solidly pro-life, pro-biblical marriage and pro-family. I can’t say that for the others who have wavered at times, especially on the moral issues that are important to Christians.

This email is not meant to be political, but it is meant to be practical and help us practice our “Biblical Citizenship.” The attack on our school-age children is increasing, and we desperately need a strong, steady, moral influence on government policies at the state and national level. Dr. Martin Luther King said the church should be the conscience of the government, and voting is one way to do that. Let’s make our vote count!

God’s Best to You,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island