Lost In Space!

May 12

Picture yourself on a crippled spacecraft, not knowing if you would be returning home. You have enough power for one last blast! But if your return trajectory is off, you will skip past earth and wander aimlessly in space until your battery power is exhausted. Oh, and one more thing, an explosion damaged the computerized navigational instruments. This life-saving maneuver to get you to safety will have to be done the old-fashioned way – manually!

This scenario describes the true story of Apollo 13 in 1970. The crew’s survival depended on Commander Jim Lovell flying the ship for a 14-second manual burn while keeping the distant marble-sized planet Earth in the crosshairs of his small spacecraft window. (Picture yourself in his place.) The crew’s job was to keep the view of earth stable by finessing the thrusters despite the ship’s jumping and shaking.

Thankfully, they were successful! The safe return of Apollo 13 dramatically illustrates the importance of having “fixed reference points.” This is true in life, and especially true right now in our nation. The further America drifts from our Judeo-Christian roots, the fewer reference points we have to guide us. Just look at these bills right now in the RI General Assembly, and you’ll see what I mean. House Bills 7306, 7307 and 7405 and Senate Bills 2386 and 2387 all have to do with saving an infant baby who is born alive after a botched attempt to end its life by abortion. It’s hard to believe but these bills will not pass! They will be tabled for “further study.”

Three other bills now in the General Assembly would expand the meaning of “comprehensive health insurance” to include abortion. Comprehensive coverage used to be a good thing when it came to healthcare, but without a reference point that “life is sacred,” that meaning has changed, and not for the better. Also in Rhode Island, taxpayer-funded abortion bills are knocking at the door. In the Senate these bills are 2769 and 2549, and in the House, it’s 7442.

Say “NO” to taxpayer-funded abortion by calling or emailing these legislative leaders:

Senate President Ruggerio
(401) 222-6655

House Speaker Shekarchi
(401) 222-2447

You can have more impact than you think. If you call, be respectful, but make your opposition clear!

We are also “lost in space” with regard to the gender identity issue that is infiltrating our schools.  By now you are probably familiar with the DeSantis vs. Disney battle playing out in Florida. Gov. DeSantis simply did his part by keeping activists’ teachers and school boards from introducing “gender identity” during the early formative years of school-age children, kindergarten through 3rd grade. There was no mention of anything “anti-gay.”

The complaint to Disney’s CEO came from about 100 employees, a fraction of the 75,000+ people Disney employs. There is little doubt that special interest groups want to change the “fixed moral reference points” in our culture!”

In July of last year, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus stirred up a hornet’s nest when it posted a music video that said homosexuals were coming for the children of straight parents. Read the lyrics for yourself:

“We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly. And you will barely notice it. … We’ll make them tolerant and fair. … We’ll convert your children. Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children.”

The choir later issued a statement saying it was done tongue-in-cheek, but given the rapid spread of Gender and Transgender Ideology in public schools, it was obviously a serious statement.

I have been working hard along with other groups to keep “pleasure-based sex-ed” and LGBTQ+ curricula out of our public schools. Join our Facebook group, Rhode Island Informed Parents, and alert others when your parental rights are violated in your child’s school. Let’s join together and bring back the “fixed reference points” that brought God’s blessing on our nation.

You can also help by visiting our landing page where you can sign up for our newsletter, become a financially supporting partner with us or invite me to speak at your church or group gathering.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island