Vital Info for Primary Voting…

May 19

Dear Friends,

Early voting is underway for New Mexico’s June 7th Primary Election, and we want to help you prepare to make your voice heard! It’s important to remember that every vote counts, even in a Primary. But more importantly, every informed vote represents a powerful voice. Having all the information in front of you helps you to make a confident choice as you cast your vote.

3 Parts to Casting an Informed Vote:

First, know your district! New Mexico has recently experienced significant redistricting and your district may have changed. Some changes are large and noticeable when looking at a redistricting map, but some are subtle and not as noticeable. To verify your State House district most accurately, check the redistricting maps by district number. If your home no longer appears on the map of your known district, check the detailed maps of the districts around you to find your new district number. You can also navigate in the left-hand column on the above link to see State Senate districts and congressional districts. Knowing your district allows you to know who your candidates are before having to cast a vote.

Next, know your candidates. Once you’ve verified your district, you can focus in on the candidates that are relevant to you. The linked list is the current list of candidates in the 2022 Primary. Take note of the statewide offices that will be on your ballot as well as your State House and State Senate districts.

Finally, know the issues.  New Mexico is currently facing significant issues, especially within the realms of life and education.

  • As I shared last week, the abortion culture in New Mexico continues to grow, and life in the womb is unprotected. We are facing escalations to this issue like we’ve never faced before.
  • Our kids are under attack, and parents’ rights are being threatened in our education system, even as we are actively fighting against CRT and elements of the LGBTQ agenda being brought into our kindergarten classrooms.
  • Crime and economic issues are threatening the family’s ability to thrive.

These issues must be considered as you decide who might best lead our state into a more prosperous, life-cherishing, family-thriving state.

As early voting continues and the Primary Election draws near, I encourage you to know your district, know your candidates, and know the issues so that you can make a confident choice as you cast your vote.

Let your voice be heard. Every vote counts!

In Christ,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director