Breaking the “LIFE BARRIER” in America and Rhode Island

May 25

In his book, MILE 2: 31 Extra-Mile Secrets for an Extra Ordinary Life, Steve Warner describes his fascination with Chuck Yeager and how the sound barrier was eventually broken in 1947. Mach 1 is the speed of sound and is 660 miles per hour at 20,000 feet. In the mid-1940’s, no aircraft had flown that fast, and it was believed that at such a speed the air pressure would be catastrophic for both plane and pilot.

Despite the risk, the Army Air Corps kept pushing towards the goal. They developed the X-1 and chose Yeager as the pilot. The closer they got to Mach 1, the greater the shock waves they experienced, and they were almost ready to give up. On the ninth attempt, as the X-1 was being severely buffeted, they broke the barrier and began flying supersonic. According to Yeager, it was “as smooth as a baby’s bottom.” Ironically, he was in no mood for flying that day because he had fallen off a horse and broken some ribs, but he went the extra mile!

I couldn’t help but compare that effort with “breaking the LIFE barrier” in America, and especially here in Rhode Island. At times it seems as if simply saving the lives of babies is going to shake our nation apart, and I wish we could get past the turbulence to smooth sailing. One piece of good news I can share is that the bill to legalize taxpayer-funded abortion was tabled for further study and hopefully will not resurface until next year.

Although it’s not yet final, it does seem that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that has resulted in the loss of more than 63 million pre-born babies’ lives. That would send the life issue back to each state and it’s voting citizens to enact legislation on abortion. Right now, Rhode Island has literally no protection for pre-born babies. Thus, with primaries and elections before us, we will be working to let voters know where the candidates stand on the life issue.

For some pro-abortion candidates, their stand is no secret. I just received this email appeal from the RI Democratic Party: Overturning Roe robs Americans of their RIGHT to bodily autonomy AND their RIGHT to privacy.”  I personally know a number of solidly pro-life Democrats. However, the party platform and most Democratic candidates are pro-abortion.

I am not usually given to comparing, but I must confess my envy of other states when it comes to their prevailing moral standards. The Oklahoma legislature just passed a ban on abortions that went beyond the law passed in Texas. Instead of protecting babies at six weeks when their heartbeat can be detected, it starts protecting unborn children at conception when their life begins. I wanted to shout when I read it!

God is moving in America beyond the life issue, and you won’t hear about it on secular media. Indiana just overrode the governor’s veto and became the 17th state to “Save Girls’ Sports” by banning men who say they are girls from competing. Pray that RI will someday do the same and be added to that number.

In closing, we need your help. Very soon, this Family Policy Alliance effort in RI will be re-launching as Rhode Island Family Institute in keeping with our sister organizations in MA and CT. Like them, we will be launching a website where you will find resources to strengthen your faith and your family.

Please help us with a generous gift or, better yet, become a monthly supporter. I am also available to speak at your church or small group gathering.

Next week, I will address a new effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Rhode Island. We have many years now to see how that has affected Colorado, and you will be shocked at the social destruction.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island