Challenge Accepted!

May 25

Dear Friends,

Fundraising for our independent organization is off to a fantastic start! Thank you to all who are supporting us in this exciting journey. While it’s off to a great start, there is still a big need as we work to build a strong organization that will have huge impact in remaking our state.

We’ve been given a challenge!

A generous partner has given $30,000 to New Mexico Family Action Movement and they want to challenge you to double their contribution!

Can we do it?

I believe we can answer this challenge BOLDLY because people like you believe in the vision of a better New Mexico; and I believe that our organization, the only one of its kind, can be a driving force to seeing that vision achieved.

For too long, our state has fallen to the bottom of every list. An attitude and culture of acceptance of these sub-par standards has brought our state morale low, and we are at crossroads. We can choose to continue down that dreadful road of defeat, or we can do something different.

Help us shift the path from one of defeat to one of thriving families, flourishing freedoms, and cherished life. New Mexico has suffered long enough. It’s time we rally together in one voice to honor God and see New Mexicans thrive.

As an organization, we pledge to stand in the gap. Will you pledge to support us as we do? Will you consider giving generously to help us meet this $30,000 challenge? New Mexicans are speaking up by supporting an organization that will work tirelessly to advance life-affirming, family thriving policy. Please allow us the honor of being your voice on this new path to a God-honoring New Mexico by generously helping us meet this challenge.


Jodi Hendricks
executive Director


P.S. Online donations continue to be processed through FPA of NM website but will be updated as our new system comes online!

Donations via check may be made out to ‘NM FAM’ and mailed to:

11819 Canyonlands Pl SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123