Voters have made their decision. Now let’s win!

June 9

This past Tuesday, voters that participated in the primary elections made their choice. I have been heavily involved in the political process here in New Jersey for nearly three decades. I have seen firsthand how intense and emotional primary campaigns can become. The feelings that immediately follow a competitive race are not easy to overcome. Resentment and offense can make it difficult to unify around the winner. Worst of all, pride can cause a person who lost the primary race to withhold their support of the winner, even though they were chosen by the people to represent their party in the general election.

That is why I advise candidates never to run toxic and demeaning campaigns filled with labels and insults that are energized with the usual firebrand conservative political flare. How does a candidate that lost the election now tell their followers to support the nominee in the general election? The candidate spent months defaming their opponent’s character and convincing people that the opposing candidate was unfit for office and “weak” on the issues. This is when we find out if the people running for office were truly fighting for the protection of preborn babies, our parental rights, and our religious freedoms – or simply promoting their own personal brand and political future.

If Life, Parental Rights, and Religious Freedom were truly the heart of any candidate, they would undoubtedly prefer their right-of-center primary opponent to win the general election instead of the current office holders that have sponsored radical polices that harm the family and hinder the church.

I urge everyone to support the congressional nominees that won the election over any number of far-left incumbents that have sponsored HR-3755 (so-called Women’s Health Protection Act that would codify into federal law the right to end the life of a child moments before birth) and HR-5 (the so-called Equality Act that would cancel religious freedom and physically harm America’s children).

Over the next few months, I pray emotions will fade and alliances will form. The social conservative movement in New Jersey is becoming stronger than ever before because of the passion and engagement of people like you. The conservatives challenged one another in the primary, the issues were presented to the voters, the choices have been made – now it’s time to win in November!

We will release our congressional endorsements and recommendations prior to the general election. Rep. Chris Smith (R-District 4) has already been endorsed by Family Policy Alliance.

Protecting your family,

Len Deo