Does your child’s school library contain pornographic books?

June 16

As our organization travels the state presenting the troubling facts about public education in New Jersey, we are constantly asked if the lessons and library books we use as samples are in a specific local school district. The answer is “we don’t know.”

We explain the difference between the state laws approved by the legislative majority and signed by Governor Murphy, and the state learning standards approved by the New Jersey State Board of Education. We offer examples of lessons that were developed by leftwing activist groups that have been officially or unofficially recommended by state officials. Schools are not required to use these particular lessons, but they are examples of the problematic propaganda that has infiltrated government schools by giving radical political organizations access to young children. This would include the following:

Curriculum Organization
LGBT “contributions” law Garden State Equality
Sex Ed Learning Standards Advocates for youth
Diversity and Inclusion law Learning for Justice
.      .   

Yet, there is another issue beyond curriculum – library books that are accessible to minors that contain graphic pornographic illustrations or highly sexualized descriptions of masturbation and oral sex. This is a brief list of just some of the books that have either been assigned as recommended reading or made available to students in school libraries in New Jersey.

All Boys Aren’t Blue

Becoming Nicole – The Transformation of an American Family

Black Queer Southern Women

Fun Home: A Graphic Novel

Gender Queer


I Hope We Can Choose Love – A Trans Girl’s Notes

Lawn Boy

Raising Rosie – Our Story of an Intersex Child

She He They Me – For the Sisters Misters

This Book is Gay

Parents have valid objections to these books, so we took action! Our team met with legislators from various legislative districts to share with them photos and quotes from some of the books listed above. Our request was simple, fair, and uncontentious. Parents want transparency in education to extend beyond lessons in all subjects. They want to know what books, some featuring narratives of erotic porn, are sitting on the shelves of their child’s school library.

Parents have the right to know!

We are excited to share with you that the legislative team in District 10 (Senator James Holzapfel, Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, and Assemblyman John Catalano) have introduced Senate bill 2722 and Assembly bill 3887. This bill will require each public school to post on their website a comprehensive list of all resources available in the school library.

Here is what these legislators have to say about this bill. Media across the state are talking about it too: WOBM FM and 101.5FM

And this all started with you!

Parents shared these books with us. We made appointments to meet with legislators to advocate for you and speak up for your parental rights. After discussion and follow up, legislators sent a draft of the bill to us. Our policy attorney reviewed it. The legislative team introduced it.

This is why we need your support! There is still a long way to go in New Jersey. Introducing the bill is step one in a lengthy process. We are still fighting for transparency in all subjects, and to Repeal the Sex Ed learning standards, Replace the so-called diversity curriculum law, and Restore parental rights. Will you consider financially supporting Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey this month? Remember these three words: Repeal, Replace & Restore. Going forward, you are going to hear them over and over.

Fighting for your family,

Len Deo