Do not allow NJ doctors to perform illegal out of state abortions! Call your legislators TODAY!

June 28

Dear Friends,

The past two days can only be accurately described as an all-out assault on Life. In response to the overturning of Roe by the Supreme Court, Governor Murphy, Senator Nia Gill, Assemblywoman Lisa Swain, and Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, have put forth one of the most lawless bills one can imagine.

Senate bill 2642 and Assembly bill 3974 would prohibit the governor from handing over an individual to another state who has been charged with performing or aiding in an illegal abortion. In other words, New Jersey doctors can travel across state lines and commit an illegal act in violation of another state’s abortion laws without facing legal consequences. Governor Murphy will have the power to use our state law to shield these doctors from any liability or prosecution.

This will empower the pro-abortion movement to carry out illegal abortions in states that regulate them. Abortionists who reside in those states will not perform them because they would face lawsuits or possibly arrest. Therefore, the Big Abortion lobby wants to send out-of-state abortionists into pro-life states to end the lives of babies, and then “extract” them back to the safe haven of radical abortion governors in their home state!

Send a message to your lawmakers today asking them to oppose these bills.

Please consider also  calling your State Senator and Assemblymembers TODAY and tell them to Vote NO on Senate bill 2642 and Assembly bill 3974.

Thank you for spreading the word!
Standing for Life,

Len Deo