Conservative ideals are winning…

June 30

Dear Friends,

The past week has been one filled with tears of joy and celebration as we step into the reality of an After Roe Nation! States all over our country have already begun enacting their trigger laws that offer solid protections for the pre-born. Amidst the celebration of life around our nation, we have also rejoiced in the protections of our speech and religious freedom recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States in their ruling in favor of Coach Kennedy and his protected private speech at the 50-yard line.

Conservative ideals are winning!

While we face many threatening voices from those who see our pre-born as unworthy of protection, and who would see our religious freedoms and free speech silenced, we must remember this time of victory. Embrace it. Rejoice in it. And stand firm in the fight for it.

These threatening voices would have us believe that our conservative values and ideals are antiquated and unrealistic. They think if they yell it loud enough and long enough then we might begin to believe them and lose heart. But the reason they must yell so loud and so long is because we are winning. Keep up the good fight.

New Mexico’s Governor also knows that conservative ideals are winning. Her radical agenda has made her vulnerable in the coming election. In her desperate attempt to retain her power she signed an executive order that tried to further protect abortion in New Mexico. It’s time for a change of power. It’s time the conservative voice was strongly represented in our state’s capitol. It’s time to recognize that we walk in victory and begin to act like it by showing up for the fight this November.

For many years we would have considered it a miracle to see a conservative majority in the Supreme Court who stand firm in protecting our constitutional rights; yet, now we have witnessed such a miracle. It’s time to start believing that we can truly change the culture of New Mexico. It’s time to walk in confidence of the victory we will see. It’s time to prepare for an election cycle in which conservative ideals win!

Will you join the FAM and watch New Mexico finally win? Joining the FAM gives the conservative voice more power, more passion, and more pathways to victory! We need you!

Standing Firm,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director