What’s Happening in New Mexico Classrooms?

August 10

Dear Friends,

This week in New Mexico, many kids (and parents) are celebrating the return to school. The season for summer fun, pool parties, and family vacations is wrapping up. Tis the season now for back-to-school shopping, new class schedules, and new stages of your child’s spiritual, emotional, and educational development.

While some families across our state have the opportunity to choose private school or homeschool options, many families are at the mercy of the public education system. In the public-school arena, it is easy to feel ostracized in our conservative values. Wanting our parental rights to remain intact in the classroom seems to have become an antiquated request. Transparency in schools has become harder and harder to achieve as the government has now decided what our child’s best interests are without parent involvement. Therefore, when our children go to school, they are introduced to themes and agendas that strip away our values and reinforce a world view that has no biblical or even constitutional foundation.

Nurture transparency with your kids!

Parents, while we work to create better transparency in our education system, we need you to be involved and ask the hard questions to maintain transparency between you and your child. While the new social studies curriculum requirements are not set to go into effect until the 23-24 school year, there are already elements being added to schools that threaten our conservative and biblical values.

Ask your child what they are learning and pay attention to their homework. Don’t be afraid to have real conversations with your kids about controversial topics if necessary. It’s better they learn from you than from someone who does not share your values.

Nurture transparency with your teachers!

New Mexico teachers have a huge task before them, but don’t be afraid to ask questions about the lessons or the language being used in classrooms (i.e. LGBTQ agenda-related language or Critical Race Theory-related themes). Get to know your child’s teacher and invest in them. This will help to create a foundation that will encourage a reciprocal transparency and honesty in communication.

Pray for our Transparency in Education efforts!

We are working tirelessly to create legislation that will support parents’ rights in the classroom and protect our children. Please pray for us and for the legislators joining us as we champion for transparency in education.

Parents deserve to raise their children without interference from government or social agendas! Don’t be afraid to stand firm for that right and for the future of your child!

Standing Firm,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director