Asking for Mountains

August 11

I was challenged recently by a thought from Day by Day, a devotional by Henry Blackaby. The title was… “Asking for Mountains!”  It was inspired by a quote from Caleb, one of the Old Testament’s great leaders.  Caleb was one of the 12 spies sent in by Moses to scout out the Promised Land. What they saw shook them up so much that ten scouts came back saying it would be impossible to take the land.

Caleb and Joshua saw the same challenges but through eyes of faith. This was Caleb’s report: “Let’s go at once… We can certainly conquer it!” Numbers 13:30.

Unfortunately, the people bought into the fear and, sadly, never entered the Promised Land. Forty years later, Caleb, is now 85, still full of faith and ready for a second chance at it.

“Now give me this mountain which the Lord promised me on that day, you heard that giants were there, and large, fortified cities.  Perhaps the Lord will be with me, and I will drive them out as the Lord promised.” Joshua 14:12

 Blackaby points out that most people ask for peaceful valleys, but not Caleb; he asked for a mountain. Why a mountain? Well, that’s where the enemy was, up in the mountains where they had built fortresses. Blackaby believes Caleb chose the mountain because it could only be won with God’s help, and he longed to see God at work doing the impossible. So, he… “asked for mountains!”

I think his story is inspirational for us today. Many people are moving out of RI and heading for greener, more peaceful pastures. I get that! They’re going to states where the houses are more affordable, crime is lower and, if you’ll allow me the latitude, less PAGAN!
In the last few years, our tri-state area has seen an all-out attack on Christian morals and family values. For example, the ”C” in YMCA used to stand for “Christian” but on June 30th, the last day of Pride Month, the Barrington YMCA sponsored a Drag Queen Story Time for children at the Barrington Library. You don’t have to be a theologian to know that Drag Queen story times are antithetical to Christian faith and living.

And then, legislatively, a sitting senator for District 6, Tiara Mack, has educated Rhode Islander’s about “twerking” with poses most considered pornographic. She made local as well as national news. She continues to publicly flaunt the sexual benefits of the Trans and LGBTQ+ community on social media. Her twitter posts openly mock those who are heterosexual, straight and conservative. Along with her partner, Rep. Rebecca Kislak, she introduced legislation to begin teaching pleasure-based sex to middle school children whether parents like it or not.

I’m sure you know by now that I’m setting you up for a challenge.  Be like Caleb and ASK FOR MOUNTAINS, those impossible goals that can only be accomplished if God is leading the way.

The primaries are up ahead. I’ve met some great candidates who are running for office at all levels. Do your homework; find out where they stand on important issues, especially those relating to the family. Stay in Rhode Island instead of moving to the easy, peaceful valleys.

Let’s make Rhode Island a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. We can’t do it in our own strength, but with God, all things are possible!

For Faith and Family,

Dave Aucoin
Rhode Island Family Institute