What YOU can do in a Post Roe v. Wade America!

August 18

We are living in a Post Roe v. Wade America, and to continue the progress made by that momentous decision, we will need to stay focused in PRAYER and STRATEGY.

A few nights ago, there were protesters outside the offices of Harmony Women’s Center (formerly CareNet RI) in Providence. They were writing in chalk on the street “Harmony lies to women” along with other taunts. Harmony offices are in a medical office complex in Providence, and it was very upsetting to their neighbors. Obviously, that was part of their goal, to intimidate.

It’s also election time, so you can be sure these pro-abortion activists are making a statement for the primary candidates – especially those that might be pro-life. Rhode Island’s abortion laws are very extreme, so it’s not likely anything will change soon. But they do want to reinforce their view that Rhode Island is an abortion-minded state, and they want it to remain that way.

Since Roe v. Wade was defeated and the issue went back to the states, many are doing more to protect pre-born babies and are passing pro-life legislation. The liberal Washington Post just released an informative article, “Abortion is now banned in these states; See where laws have changed.” Along with the article is a link to a map with the status of abortion in every state. Check it out here.

Rhode Island as you can see is in the “[abortion is] legal and likely to be protected” category. We have a lot of work to do to if we are going to move the needle in our state towards life. But there are good strategies, and if you consider yourself pro-life, I suggest you read it. John Stemberger of the Florida Family Policy Council, together with Family Policy Alliance, wrote “Thinking Clearly After Roe: A Five-Part Strategy Moving Forward.”  And another map with more detailed resources on abortion laws in each state can be found at Family Policy Alliance’s AfterRoe site.

Pregnancy Centers are the key! We must PRAY for the safety of the staff in our Rhode Island Pregnancy Centers, especially on evenings when they work later to accommodate clients. In the fall, it will be dark when they leave to go home. They are a brave and committed group of women. They are trusting God and need our support! And we must also GIVE so they can do their work with the resources needed.

Our ultimate goal after Roe is an America where life is not only protected but also cherished.

For Faith and Family in RI,

Dave Aucoin
Executive Director
Rhode Island Family Institute