And So, It Begins – Another School Year!

August 26

Stop for a moment and think about how our schools have changed in the last few years. Public schools have changed so dramatically that in some ways, you wouldn’t even recognize them. That’s why I want to do two things with this week’s newsletter.

FIRST, I want to give parents critical resources to help if your children will be attending public schools. Times have changed and teaching the “3 R’s” of education—Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic is no longer the goal in most public schools. Instead, your children are being taught dangerous ideologies that can cause irreversible harm emotionally, physically and spiritually. The most serious of these being the “transgender issue.”

Family Policy Alliance together with Focus on the Family and others have put together a resource for you, the PARENT RESOURCE GUIDE and it’s available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. This guide will give you critical information about the science and the stats to guide you through the minefield of the gender confusion affecting so many.

Because school has changed so much since parents were in school, they have put together another expanded resource, BACK TO SCHOOL FOR PARENTS that is also available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

SECOND, the Christian schools in our area believe that Christian education can change the next generation and ultimately our nation. COVID has given parents a clearer picture of the secular worldview the public school has been instilling in our children. Christian schools are the answer to recapturing a biblical worldview that will empower families and revitalize our churches.

Join us to hear Jeff Keaton, the founder and president of Renew a Nation at Crossroads International Church, 1052 Newport Ave, Attleboro, MA 02703 on September 15th. This is a joint effort by the Christian schools in our area. Please mark your calendar and invite others.

You can read more about the impact Christian schools are making at

For Faith and Family in Rhode Island,

Dave Aucoin
Executive Director
Rhode Island Family Institute