It’s Time to Shift the Window…

August 31

Dear Friends,

For far too long we have been trapped in a very progressive window of what is politically possible in New Mexico. A window that provides limitless pathways to demean conservative values and promote anti-life and anti-family agendas with heartbreaking speed and acceptance.

It’s time that window changed.

The power to shift the window does not lie with politicians, it lies with the people. According to the Overton Window –  a model for understanding how ideas in society change over time and influence politics – politicians are limited in what policies they can support. Generally, politicians “can only pursue policies that are widely accepted throughout society as legitimate policy options. These policies lie inside the Overton Window. Other policy ideas exist, but politicians risk losing popular support if they champion these ideas. These policies lie outside the Overton Window.”

In New Mexico, the Overton Window has hovered around policies that support abortion as “healthcare;” Critical Race Theory as acceptable education standards; men in girls’ bathrooms as equality and acceptance, and so much more. Within this window, conservative rhetoric is considered antiquated and laughable as society has deemed it out of touch and intolerant.

We can shift the window!

NM FAM is here to shift the window of what is politically possible in New Mexico back toward policies that will cherish life and protect our children and our parents’ rights in raising them. Conservative values are not a thing of the past. In fact, more and more millennials are supporting conservative ideals.

Shifting the window is not an easy task and it will take time – but it is possible! We can train our children and instill in them the values we hold dear. We can win hearts and minds through sound logic, wisdom and compassion. We can shift the heart of New Mexico towards a window of political possibilities that cherish life and liberty. Will you help us? Our politicians can only achieve successes within the window of possibility. They need us! We need you!

It’s time the window changed. Can I count on you as we drive that change?

Standing Firm,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director