And the Governor Strikes Again…

September 8

Dear Friends,

Last week, the Land of Enchantment was struck again by the Governor’s relentless mission to expand abortion services through whatever means necessary. On Wednesday, August 31st, Gov. Lujan Grisham signed an executive order that further endorses, supports, and funds abortion care.

The governor’s reasoning for the new executive order was steeped in the progressive ideal that abortion is healthcare and should be offered without restriction. The governor used the increase in life-affirming legislation in surrounding states as one of her main reasons for making sure New Mexico not only continues to offer abortion services in abundance, but also protects and funds abortion and abortionists.

The executive order issued three major initiatives to expand abortion.

The first initiative increases funding. A designation of $10 million of the Executive’s capital allocation for the upcoming 2023 legislative session is to be used for developing a new clinic that will provide “full spectrum” reproductive healthcare services, specifically stated to include abortion.

The second initiative increases access. The order instructs the Department of Health to determine how to leverage state resources to expand access to abortion; determine how to provide abortion medications (chemical abortion) in public health clinics; and determine how to increase abortion and decrease wait times specifically considering the influx of woman from surrounding states who are coming to New Mexico to receive abortion services.

The third initiative increases protection. The order instructs the Human Services Department to develop policies and take action to improve “efficiency and sustainability” of abortion services.

The governor is trying to fund abortion with taxpayer dollars, increase abortion services and decrease wait time, and protect abortion through policy. Life in New Mexico is under attack. Our leaders blatantly ignore the fact that life is a precious gift from God and that only He can decide when it is given or when it is taken.

If you believe that life should be protected and cherished, then now is your time to choose how to stand firm. Pregnancy Resource Centers stand firm by fighting to provide frontline services to woman that will help protect both Mom and Baby; pro-life organizations stand firm by speaking out against the culture of death; and New Mexico Family Action Movement stands firm by creating, supporting, and fighting for legislation and legislators that will defy the culture of death and nurture life in the Land of Enchantment. Will you stand with us?

Our initiatives at NM FAM serve to change hearts and minds towards a culture of life in order to shift the window of political possibilities in New Mexico. Hearts and minds that cherish life will produce a culture that cherishes life. Only then will we see-life affirming legislation replace the initiatives laid out in the governor’s executive order.

Standing Firm,

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director