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For Immediate Release:
Contact: Brittany Ellison


ADVISORY: Press Conference on “Gracie’s Law” Bill

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is holding a press conference with Representative Rick Williams (R-145), Representative Mack Jackson (D- 128), Senator Clint Dixon (R-45),  former State Representative and former Executive Director of the Georgia First Commission Scott Hilton, and other elected leaders regarding legislation to ensure that those with physical or mental disabilities are never denied a transplant based solely on this disability. This legislation, known as Gracie’s Law (HB 128), has yet to be heard in Senate Health Committee despite passing unanimously in the House.

Our Deputy Director, Brittany Ellison, will join Floor Leader Clint Dixon, Rep. Rick Williams, Rep. Mack Jackson, and other legislators on the South Steps inside the Capitol tomorrow (Tuesday), March 23 at 1:00pm.



For questions or to schedule an interview with Cole Muzio, please contact Brittany Ellison at 404-516-7825 or  brittany.ellison@familypolicyalliance.com.


For Immediate Release
February 8, 2021
Contact: Brittany Ellison

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Backs Right to Visit Proposal
Hearing on HB 290 is set for Wednesday, February 10th

ATLANTA – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced its strong support for House Bill 290, the “Right to Visit Act.” This bill, authored by State Representative Ed Setzler, would require hospitals and nursing homes to allow patients to visit with family members for a minimum of two hours each day, even during public health emergencies.

“Access to loved ones while struggling and vulnerable is key to mental and physical well-being,” said Deputy Director Brittany Ellison. “No crisis should result in a person being denied the ability to visit family members in what could be their final hours of life, nor should anyone have to choose between vital healthcare and being with family.”

HB 290 has been assigned to the House Human Relations & Aging Committee and is scheduled for a public hearing on Wednesday, February 10 at 2:00 PM.  Testimony from both medical professionals and everyday Georgians relating real-life stories of people being separated from their families during times of profound need is expected to overwhelm the available meeting space.

“Requiring dying patients to say goodbye to sobbing family members through the 5-inch screen of an i-Phone is absolutely unacceptable,” said Rep. Setzler (R – Acworth). “In June 2020, the General Assembly provided unprecedented COVID-19 legal protections to all health care providers with the intent they would allow patients to visit their family members.  Sadly, many providers accepted the legal protections, but continued to stonewall families from basic visitation, even if they could prove they were COVID-19 negative.  We need to be crystal clear that the right to visit, subject to reasonable restrictions, is a basic human right that our non-profit hospitals and long-term care providers must find a way to accommodate.”


Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorses HB 290 as it fights for a state where “families thrive” and “life is cherished.”


For Immediate Release:
Contact: Brittany Ellison


ADVISORY: Press Conference on “Save Girls Sports” Bill

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is holding a press conference with Representative Philip Singleton (R-71) regarding his legislation to Save Girls Sports.

Our President, Cole Muzio, will join Rep. Singleton and other legislators in The Rotunda at the Capitol tomorrow (Thursday), February 4 at 12:30pm. Other speakers include: Representative Todd Jones (HD 25), Representative Karen Mathiak (HD 73), Representative Jodi Lott (HD 122), Senator Randy Robertson (SD 29), and Rep. Singleton’s daughter, Emma Singleton.




July 13, 2020


Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Statement on Federal Judge’s Ruling Against Heartbeat Law

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia stands behind Governor Kemp as he pursues an appeal

ATLANTA, GA – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is disappointed in a federal judge’s ruling today against Georgia’s recently passed  “Heartbeat” law. The law prevented abortions of babies with a heartbeat and provided parents with important benefits affirming life inside the womb – benefits that should not be controlled by the U.S. Supreme Court’s abortion precedent. Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, released the following statement in response:

“Today’s decision reflects both a reckless adherence to the dubious precedent of Roe v. Wade and a wanton abuse of judicial activism. The judge’s decree even robs parents of common sense tax and child support provisions that affirm what mothers and fathers already know – that their baby is a child and already a part of their family. We can no longer sacrifice science and evident truth at the altar of the abortion lobby, and we refuse to continue to allow discrimination of persons based on their developmental status and location. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia stands with Governor Kemp in continuing to fight for this law through the legal process and at the ballot box. As our nation strives to come to a place of recognizing the value of every person, we hope to see this process result in the end of the horrifying systematic oppression of the vulnerable our society: abortion.”

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com


Family Policy Alliance of Georgia works to advance biblical citizenship and promote good public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.


June 5, 2020



Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Statement on Hate Crimes Legislation

It’s Time to Reject HB 426 and Start Getting Serious About Saving Lives

ATLANTA, GA – In response to recent tragedies and the growing calls for “hate crimes” legislation – a concept that would do nothing to prevent such horrifying incidents in the future – Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, released the following statement:

“We join those from across our state and nation who mourn the senseless and tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and so many other black Americans whose race undeniably played a role in their death. We must confront the racist segments of our society head on, and we must seek to identify solutions that will prevent the next life from being snuffed out.

All crimes are hateful and are rooted in the valuing of oneself more highly than the one upon whom crime is inflicted. Yet, ‘hate crimes’ legislation as currently constituted is a farce. It does nothing to save lives. It does nothing to solve the problem. It only does more to further divide and surrenders to the government the power and authority to judge the thoughts of others – with countless ramifications on all Georgians, predicted and unforeseen, that will no doubt make us both less free and less equal.

The push to pass such legislation is rooted in a radical liberal ideology – a desire to segment society as opposed to promoting unity. This is political posturing of the worst sort, exploiting a time of national tumult while failing to truly promote justice and equality for all.

Rather than bowing to the radical left, we encourage Georgia leaders to pass legislation aimed at the laws that provide safe harbor for those motivated by hate. Let’s look at how unnecessary force is applied, laws surrounding citizens arrests, and legal loopholes that could one day allow the next perpetrator of violence to go free. Let’s buckle down and have serious conversations – discussions that could lead to lives saved – rather than simply promoting platitudes that fail to do anything outside of eliciting applause from big corporate and liberal elites.

With momentum behind an honest dialogue and real change, it’s time to let the ill-conceived ‘hate crimes’ bill die. It’s time to take action to truly protect the value and lives of those who all-too-often are denied the justice they deserve.”

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is committed to opposing any legislation resembling HB 426, but it is our hope that the General Assembly will take action that reflects our shared value of cherishing all human life.

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com


Family Policy Alliance works to advance biblical citizenship and promote good public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.

March 5, 2020


Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Senator Kelly Loeffler

ATLANTA -Family Policy Alliance of Georgia announced its endorsement of Senator Kelly Loeffler in her campaign to fill the remainder of former Senator Johnny Isakson’s term. President and Executive Director Cole Muzio said:

“In two months on the job, Senator Loeffler has been everything we knew she would be – an ardent defender of freedom, a forceful advocate for life, a fierce supporter of President Trump, and a bold outsider in the mold of Governor Kemp. Since her selection, we’ve felt she was the right selection to advance the movement here in Georgia, fight for our values in Washington, and partner with our president to return sanity and constitutionality to our out-of-control judicial system. Despite her short time in the Senate, she’s already delivered, and it’s imperative that pro-family voters turn out in droves and in lock-step to send her back to DC to continue this unprecedented momentum we’ve seen in our state and in our nation.”

Pointing to the success of Governor Brian Kemp and the similarities between the governor and his appointee, Muzio heralded the outsider status of Senator Loeffler.

“Kelly Loeffler has spent her life defying the status quo and living the American Dream. She’s bold, unflinching, and committed to the right thing – never bound by politics. It’s easy to understand why Governor Kemp appointed her because she operates in the same way he’s led our state – unashamedly conservative, compassionately committed to people, and relentless in pursuing the best outcomes for those she serves. Quite simply, like President Trump and David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler isn’t bound by the ‘this is how we do things around here’ mentality of many career politicians in Washington. She’s a successful businessperson who, like our governor, sees this role as a calling to put Georgians first and secure freedom and opportunity for all.”

In the endorsement, Muzio also expressed a warning to pro-family voters who would consider an alternative candidate.

“Before his recent rebrand as a Trump supporter, Doug Collins has a long history as a champion of ‘status quo politics.’ More concerning however, he and his surrogates have chosen to run a campaign bereft of truth and decency, one built on sexism, innuendo, and a hostility toward success. Beyond the fact that his career points to a man who would not be an agent of change, the opening of his campaign – with flailing attacks on Governor Kemp and reckless attacks on Senator Loeffler – raises serious character concerns and bring his fitness for office very much in doubt.”

Muzio also told supporters of the organization that he believes Loeffler is best suited to help lead a ticket to expand the pro-family majority in Georgia – a key objective as the organization fights for a bold legislative agenda in the state.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia was launched in 2017 and has become a force in Georgia politics in short order – winning dozens of elections and working as early supporters of Brian Kemp. In partnership with Governor Kemp and Representative Ed Setzler, the organization spearheaded the fight for the Heartbeat Bill in 2019.

For questions or to schedule an interview with Cole Muzio, please contact Robert Noland at 719-308-2822 or  Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com.



As we prepare to launch our new effort and new name of our organization, this will be the last email you will receive from this account. Tomorrow, as we start a busy week, I’ll send you an email from our new account. Here’s what lies ahead this week…

Monday, 9:15am – Tune into the Martha Zoller Show to learn more about our efforts to build on what we’ve achieved since we first came to Georgia in 2017. You can listen online here: http://www.wdun.com/marthazoller (HINT: I may be sharing some info about our Launch Gala speaker so if you want a heads up, be sure to listen in!)

Monday, Mid-day – You’ll receive an announcement email from me from our new system and our new email account.

Monday, Afternoon – John Paulton with Family Policy Alliance will send you an email with his thoughts on our new endeavor.Tuesday morning – I’ll share BIG news regarding our largest ever event, our Launch Gala, and our top notch keynote speaker. You won’t want to miss it so make sure to get your ticket or let us know you want to sponsor ASAP!

Wednesday – For those of you in the region, we’ll share news about our next Biblical Citizenship Academy.

Friday – We’ll announce our new political organization, in addition to the education entity.

It’s going to be a great week, and it’s the start of something really special.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


 “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer


In November of 2020, Chuck Schumer declared the strategy of the political Left – “now we take Georgia, then we change the world.”

What kind of change did Schumer have in mind? In the months since liberals “took Georgia,” it’s meant a major push for federal funding for abortion, an order to redefine biology in our schools – denying the fact of gender – and an all-out attack on state election integrity laws.

That’s just the beginning, and that’s just the federal level.

In Georgia various school boards and liberal fringes are trying to impose Critical Race Theory on our kids.

The education institutions are opposing efforts to get obscenity out of our schools.

The Chamber of Commerce and “Big Medicine” worked to oppose basic human dignity “Right to Visit” legislation.

Big business and the NCAA are fighting back against efforts to Save Girls Sports.

The adversaries of God’s Word are emboldened, well-funded, and setting a big agenda.

Since 2019, the Left has ramped up efforts to take over Georgia. Stacey Abrams and her machine, the media, the Chamber of Commerce, Big Education, Big Medicine, and all sorts of special interests have opposed steps to strengthen our values, defend families, and advance freedom in our state.

And, as Georgia has become the nation’s frontline, we have been at the frontline doing battle.

Since being launched by the national organization, Family Policy Alliance, in 2017, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has become the premier force for families in our state. We’ve won elections. We’ve been at the forefront of good policy. And, we’ve worked to strengthen God’s Church.

Yet, it has become clear – the forces of those who oppose us are marshalling toward Georgia. Our state is on the verge of becoming unrecognizable. If the Church stays silent, if God’s people let this moment pass by, if we don’t wake up and take action, the future of Georgia is bleak.

I firmly believe God will not hold us guiltless if we fail to be salt and light in our state at this pivotal time in its history.

That’s why we are committed to doing more and being more. That’s why we have a big announcement Monday – a new name for our organization and a new way forward – that will help us grow and rise to the challenge facing our state.

We’re fired up!

Our efforts are aimed at maximizing the opportunities before us, doing all we can, serving Him, awakening the Church, and boldly proclaiming the Gospel in a world racing away from His truth. To do so, we are strategically committed to having the resources and independence needed to be such a force in our state.

I look forward to sharing our new name and more about our efforts with you next week (by the way, we’ll also have a BIG event to announce as well).

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director





PS. I look forward to sharing our new name and big vision with you. As we fight here in Georgia – as the frontline – we do need additional resources. Next week, we’ll be asking for your support. Please prayerfully consider how you can help this ministry be what God has called us to be.


“Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before! Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; Forward into battle, see his banner go!”


Christianity is a warrior’s faith.

The Scripture has two primary themes when it comes to our interactions with culture. First, God’s Word promises us that the culture will hate us – that we are aliens in a foreign land who will see persecution. Second, Scripture commands us to be “salt and light,” to “stand firm and take action,” and to engage that hostility directly with the love of Jesus.

In other words – Christians are to, with full knowledge of the world’s hostility, live boldly, unashamed, and fearlessly do battle against wickedness for the cause of Christ.

That’s been the foundation that has guided Family Policy Alliance of Georgia since I moved my family here in early 2017 to launch this effort.

We’ve been bold and unafraid. We’ve spoken truth. We’ve done battle against a hostile world. We haven’t been concerned with playing political games or seeking favor with those in power. Instead, we’ve been guided by a mission to do battle – winsomely, lovingly, and with a goal to see Christ glorified – in a world that is hostile to us and to use political strategies to achieve great victories for His people.

By God’s grace, our ministry has flourished.

Despite countless struggles, trials, and tribulations – encountering unmistakable spiritual warfare – our Georgia organization is thriving. We’re growing our staff. Our revenue has increased. We’re adding programs. And, our victories are increasing.

Now, God is calling us to a bigger vision – to do battle in an even bigger way for His glory right here in Georgia. And, we are ready to answer that call.

This is going to mean a change for the ministry and a change in how we operate. It’s a change that is an act of faithfulness as we seek to be and to do what the Lord has put before this organization in our state.

We are going to announce this change next week, and we could not be more excited.

Yet, what lies before us will not be easy. When I was growing up, the question that defined our culture was “do you believe Christ is who He says He is?” While that will always be the most important question for every soul, our culture is now asking, “do you believe you are who God says you are?”

Are you fearfully and wonderfully made by your Creator, as God says, or an accidental and discardable “clump of cells” as the pro-abortion lobby says?

Are you intentionally made male or female, as He says, or an amorphous being set to self-determine their own gender and sexuality as the anti-science Left shrieks?

Are you defined by being made in His image, as Genesis declares, or are you defined by your race or some other identity group, as the woke mob insists?

The nature of these questions – and the nature of what this culture defines as “normal” and worthy of celebration – is alarming. To battle against this, we need a Georgia organization at maximum strength.

We are ready to be that force to Defend Families and Advance Freedom in our state.

I’m excited to share more and fired up for what lies ahead. I look forward to what God has in store.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



PS. I look forward to sharing our big vision with you. As we answer the call to battle, however, we do need additional resources. Next week, we’ll be asking for your support. Please prayerfully consider how you can help this ministry be what God has called us to be.