I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.” -Psalm 77:11

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported us with your prayers and financial gifts in 2019. From the very beginning, I have said this and I will continue to say it—we could not do this without you!

As we begin 2020, I want to take a moment to reflect on what we have already done and what we plan to do. This week, let’s look back at what we accomplished together in 2019!

 Our Top 3 Accomplishments of 2019

#1—We defeated radical, anti-life legislation during the 2019 Legislative Session!

Without a doubt, the 2019 Legislative Session was a historic time for our organization and the pro-life community in New Mexico. Not only did we defeat a dangerous assisted suicide bill, but we also sent shockwaves through the Capitol when we defeated the radical abortion-up-to-birth bill, HB51. Through our mobilization efforts—in partnership with New Mexico Right to Life and New Mexico Alliance for Life—thousands of phone calls and emails were sent to Legislators and the Governor, and pro-life citizens showed up in the thousands to stand for life. Perhaps most encouraging to me, pastors across the state spoke up on the issue and encouraged their church members to do the same.

#2—We sent two more New Mexican leaders to the Statesmen Academy!

During the summer of 2019, we, along with our sister organization – Family Policy Foundation®, were honored host the 2019 Statesmen Academy℠—a weeklong conference in Atlanta for on-the-rise Christian legislators and aspiring leaders. Representing New Mexico were Michael Hendricks and Pastor Brian Alarid. Statesmen Academy classes were taught by experienced Christian leaders including retired U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma; professor and author, Dr. Wayne Grudem; and Dr. Matt Spalding of Hillsdale College. The class also heard from Governor Brian Kemp who had recently signed Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill.”

#3—We met our fundraising target for 2019!

In just our second year in operation, you helped us meet our bold fundraising goal for 2019. Raising the funds needed to sustain our operation is always a challenge, but thanks to ministry partners like you, we surpassed our prior year’s giving and began the new fiscal year on a high note.

Friends—this is what we have already done. And the good news is, we have exciting plans for 2020!

Next week, we will look at our Top 3 Goals for 2020. Until then, God bless you and best wishes for a joyful and prosperous new year!


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

P.S. As you plan your charitable giving for 2020, please keep us in mind and consider setting up a recurring monthly gift to support our efforts. 2020 will be full of opportunities and threats when it comes to the issues and values we care about. Together, however, and with the good Lord’s blessing, this will be a year in which we continue to move the ball forward for a New Mexico where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Thank you!

Three Challenges We Will Face in 2019

How Hope and Truth will win in the new year – with your help!

Happy 2019! You are quite certainly being bombarded with requests to create new resolutions. Tis’ the season to pledge to make your life better.

Our approach to 2019 isn’t as much about resolving for change as it is about recognizing the challenges in front of us and confidently confronting those obstacles directly. We understand the realities of living in a fallen world, yet as believers we can have hope and confidence to face those realities by speaking truth and love. That’s what we will be doing in 2019.

As we look into the new year, here are some challenges we anticipate – and what we can all do to overcome them:

1. Students at public universities and even younger kids will face persecution for their beliefs. You may remember what happened last year at the University of California at Berkeley where conservative student Isabella Chow was harassed on campus after expressing her views. Our children aren’t immune, either. For years, a Wisconsin-based atheist groups has been attacking small schools in other states by trying to prevent prayer. This type of suppression of conservative thought will unfortunately continue and perhaps expand in 2019, but there are many conservatives who are energized and ready to support religious freedom and freedom of speech. Family Policy Alliance® worked to create a new policy clarifying that students and teachers have the right to pray at school.

Here’s what else we are doing:

2. Doctors and other medical professionals will face rules that will require them to provide services against their religious beliefs – and even their professional judgments. We’re seeing our own country impose rules and regulations for doctors that may go against their religious beliefs, especially those that require medical professionals to provide abortion services.

 Here’s what we are doing:

3. Faith-based adoption agencies will face additional scrutiny for their pro-family positions. Kansas and Oklahoma led the nation in helping children find forever homes and protecting religious freedom in 2018 by ensuring that faith-based adoption agencies are free to serve birthmoms and children in their states. Check out this video to see why Faith-based Adoption Agencies matter.

 Here’s what we are doing to help them:

Family Policy Alliance exists to bring light to every aspect of these issues as we develop honest ways to engage our leaders and ensure your religious freedom remains intact. We’re thankful for what you did to stand up for these issues in 2018. As we approach another round of state legislative sessions beginning this month, we hope you will partner with us in speaking truth in love – and holding our elected leaders accountable to do the same.

On behalf of Family Policy Alliance, the alliance of men and women working in state capitals across the nation and in Washington, DC. and the Statesmen you helped train and elect, I want to thank you for your very generous prayers, support and time throughout 2018 to advance family values in our nation.

Your generous support—especially in the days leading up to the New Year—will enable Family Policy Alliance to:

Thank you again for joining with us in our unwavering commitment to a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished!

Standing for the family,

Paul Weber
President & CEO


Because of generous supporters like you, our end of the year push was a major success and has us positioned for greater growth and impact as we head into 2019. I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement!

Now, let’s win 2019.

The New Year always brings endless possibilities, hope, and optimism. It seems even more true this year. In days, Brian Kemp and other leaders you helped elect will be sworn in, and the 2019 legislative session will begin. While much hard work remains, the door is open for us to achieve real policy victories for families.

2019 could be the year Georgia passes major religious freedom legislation, protects human life, or opens the door for more school choice. THIS can be a year we can point to where, by standing together, our movement built the momentum to deliver long-term victories and establish our state as the national leader in championing the family.

On January 14th, Governor Kemp will officially be in office, and the process of passing legislation will begin in earnest. Before then, however, we will be hard at work putting the finishing touches on a strategy needed to win over the session.

In addition to our time at the legislature, we have the honor of hosting the Statesmen Academy® here in Atlanta this summer. Already, we have identified some outstanding candidates, and we hope to pack the training with rising leaders from our state.

There will also be special elections, preparation for 2020, more church engagement, and more outreach to the business community. All of this and more make 2019 a BUSY year- one where we will work relentlessly to WIN!

As I have shared before, my vision for our impact in the state is BIG, and my hope is that our continued growth will set us up to hire additional personnel in the state and continue making a greater impact. This year is a key part of making it all happen!

We’ve asked you for money frequently over the last several weeks, and I won’t do that today. But, I will ask you for prayer. Pray for 2019. Pray that we can WIN. Pray that we can be a great witness for our Lord. Pray that we can continue to build and grow so that we our impact on Georgia can expand greatly. And, pray for our state’s new leadership.

You have made this New Year truly special, and I hope you and your family are enjoying a blessed 2019. Together, I hope that THIS will be a year we look back upon as one where the tide turned toward a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

For an impactful new year,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

I LOVE my son Cade, but he’s, um… a little different. Everyone who has ever met him knows that he is 100% unique and 100% trouble, and he cracks me up in countless ways.

One of the ways he makes me laugh is his constant question of “where are we?” every time he goes somewhere. We’ll be out, and he’ll ask to go potty. The moment we step into the bathroom he says, “where are we?” despite having asked to go there and seeing that it looks like every other bathroom.

We walk into Chick fil a- somewhere he has been quite often in his nearly 3 years on this planet- “where are we?”

We go to a store “where are we?”

We come home from an outing “where are we?”

What makes the question even more amusing is that EVERY time- without fail- he will ask while getting ready to go somewhere “where are we going?” This crazy child insists on knowing where we are headed, confirming the location once we arrive, and gathering new information every time he enters somewhere different- even if it is an ultra-familiar place like his own house.

But, while his extreme persistence on the issue is humorous and the cute manner in which he asks the questions will stay with me forever, Cade isn’t all that different than the rest of us. We all want to know where we are and where we are headed, don’t we?

As we begin to close 2018, I want to share with you briefly where Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® is and where we, with your help and the Lord’s will, hope to be.

With the culmination of the elections, we have now progressed from what I described early on as “Phase 1” to “Phase 2” of our organization’s development- one that has transitioned from a relevant factor in Georgia politics to one that is a serious force. And, I am pushing for more.

Here’s some of what you helped us accomplish in 2018:

After a highly successful year, we are poised to make 2019 even better. Will you commit to supporting the educational, policy, and training programs of Family Policy Foundation with a tax-deductible gift today. Remember, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar through our $20,000 matching grant!

Your support will help us accomplish a big vision as we seek to make pro-family policy the core of what drives our state, to be the organization that carries the most political weight in the state, and to, ultimately, transform our culture for the glory of God. With your help we can, in the near future:

Our organization is growing, thriving, and making a difference here in Georgia. But, we can do so much more. Please take advantage of this critical year-end opportunity and matching grant by donating today.

Because of you, we are in a very exciting place right now, and, with your help, where we are going will be even better.

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director