“Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created.” Genesis 5:2

We are currently working our way through a crisis at my house. My three-year-old son, Peyton, is playing T-Ball for the first time, his first team. If you’ve read many of my emails, you may have concluded that this is an epic time for me and our family as it combines two of my greatest passions – my son and sports!

However, when Peyton found out there were girls (which he calls “grills”) on his team, he was devastated: “Dad, the grills will take my boy stuff, and they will mess it up!” He glared at them when they showed up at practice and immediately began pouting. I was worried he was going to quit!

Thankfully, we are working through it. I told him that boys and girls being on the same team is just fine at this age. I told him that, yes, girls are different, but they are special – just like Mom! Even though he’s still getting frustrated with the two “grills” on his team (who, btw, are actually really good T-Ball players), he seems to be handling it pretty well as we head into his first game this weekend.

This whole episode illustrated how fundamental the understanding of the differences between boys and girls are. I didn’t have to tell my son that girls are different, that most of the time you play sports separately, and that God made the two sexes to be distinct. He knows anyway! God designed him that way!

But, sadly, kids today are being coached to believe differently. Parents, teachers, administrators and even politicians want to indoctrinate our children with a transgender ideology early on. Our sister organization in Nebraska even posted a shocking article about a “reveal party” that occurred in a kindergarten class featuring a boy changing from his boy clothes to girl clothes, announcing a new name, and the children then being instructed to call him by that name. How sad!

This is happening all across the country, and it is already showing up here in Georgia. Only together can we turn our culture back to one that honors Christ, recognizes the truth He makes known to even our little ones, and takes joy in the uniqueness of how He has created us.

In Case You Missed It: We have a great educational campaign called “Ask Me First” aimed at sharing what the transgender agenda is doing to our young girls. More about that campaign, including some powerful videos, can be found at AskMeFirst. You can also share your story if you like.  If you want us to keep producing great content like that – and create material unique to Georgia – please consider a tax-deductible contribution to our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation of Georgia.

In Georgia Political News: A number of special elections will be held this fall to replace elected officials who were appointed to other positions or who resigned. State Sen. Hunter Hill and Rep. Geoff Duncan created the biggest stir when they resigned to make their pursuit of statewide office their sole focus.

Please Pray: Only the Lord knows the path Hurricane Irma will ultimately take, but it is clear that this hurricane may do great harm to a large number of people. Here in Georgia, our coastal area could be hit hard. Please join me in praying for all those in Irma’s path, that they are kept safe, and that the Lord’s glory abounds.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director