An Obama appointed federal judge just ruled that Georgia does not have the right to protect its citizens. Unborn children with beating hearts can still be slaughtered in our state… for now.

We cannot allow a Court to take away our right to protect life. YOU can fight back.

In 2018, YOU decided to take a stand for a Heartbeat Bill by electing pro-life leaders like Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, and Ed Setzler.

Now, YOU can decide to affirm the Heartbeat Bill – doubling down both on more pro-life legislation AND a more pro-science federal bench – with your vote in November.

YOU will decide who represents every single seat in the Georgia legislature this November.

YOU will decide whether Georgia has not one but TWO United States Senators who will only confirm constitutional judges.

YOU will decide whether Georgia casts its critical electoral votes for President Trump.

And, YOU can decide whether to help us fight in this effort with a generous donation today.

And, here’s the truth, we need to support because not everyone is as motivated, as committed, or as already decided as you are ahead of November. Frankly, YOU and your support are needed not just to make your voice heard but to help others find theirs.

This Obama appointee showed a wanton and reckless degree of judicial activism by throwing out every aspect of this law – even provisions that ensure pregnant mothers can receive child support and parents can receive a tax deduction for their unborn child.

But, there’s good news: 1) YOU elected a governor who has already re-affirmed his pledge to appeal – meaning this case is FAR from decided AND 2) YOU have a vote in November, a vote that could ultimately decide who sits on the Supreme Court to hear this law when it reaches our nation’s highest court.

I know you believe in this effort. Please partner with us. YOU have the power here. Your support to help us elect pro-life candidates is the next step in the fight to protect innocent human life.

Onward in the fight,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director



Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Ever since liberals made the court system their chief means of achieving policy outcomes, pro-family conservatives have struggled to play catch up. Our side has failed to place enough emphasis on restoring the courts, and vetting has largely been a failure – with pro-life presidents appointing SCOTUS justices like O’Connor (not so good), Souter (a disaster), and also Kennedy and Roberts (unreliable).

In the last 39 months, that’s begun to change.

President Trump has placed a tremendous emphasis on the courts. He’s partnered with conservative groups to ensure strong, constitutional judges are picked. And, he’s partnered with Mitch McConnell and the Senate to ensure swift confirmation of his choices.

Just one term in, Trump already has as many SCOTUS appointments on the court as any other president (Obama, Bush, and Clinton also have 2). His selections of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have undoubtedly shifted the court in a constitutional direction. Already, he has appointed roughly the same number of appeals judges (51 versus 55) in his 3 years as Obama did in a full 8. His record-setting pace has already redefined the appeals level – where most consequential decisions are made – as more than ¼ of appeals judges are now Trump appointees.

These new judges will be charged with hearing complex issues for the first time – with more assaults on religious freedom than ever before, unthought of challenges to fundamental scientific reality like gender, and new frontiers created by technology and a changing world.

These new judges will also be charged with looking at cases that are an affront to decades of bad, often horrific, precedent. In a recent concurring opinion, Justice Kavanaugh pointed to Roe v. Wade as an instance of bad precedent – one possibly meeting criteria that, in his mind, the court should consider overturning.

Clearly, the momentum is there. But, while we don’t vote for judges, that momentum is on the line this election cycle, and the path forward runs through Georgia.

That’s one of the many reasons we support Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is abundantly clear on where she stands:

“During my short time in Washington, I have proudly backed President Trump’s appointments – including numerous conservative judges. Looking ahead, we must support pro-life jurists as vacancies occur. The Highest Courts should be filled with those who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the undeniable right to life.”

Having a strong, unequivocal pro-life woman in the United States Senate who stands eager to vote for President Trump’s judges (she’s already voted to confirm 9 of them) is an imperative as we seek to restore the courts. And, here in Georgia, we are the only state where every voter can cast 3 votes to affect change in the judicial system.

Vote Trump-Pence

Vote David Perdue

Vote Kelly Loeffler

The winner of the presidency is almost certain to appoint at least one new Supreme Court justice and could conceivably pick a couple more. Moreover, Trump could have a footprint on the appellate courts that would surpass all others or Biden would be able to reverse course. The only thing standing in the way of a second-term President Trump being able to restore the courts is the loss of key seats like Perdue’s and Loeffler’s. The only thing standing in the way of a first-term President Biden (it hurt typing that) are conservative stalwarts like Perdue and Loeffler standing in the gap.

It’s remarkable how much progress has been made in a short period of time. As we race toward November, our votes in Georgia matter more than ever – as we determine the future of the White House, all of our congressional delegation, all of our state legislators, and, in a very real way, the judicial system.

Because judges matter,

Cole Muzio
president and Executive Director

PS. On an entirely different note, Georgia is slowly beginning on the road back to normalcy starting tomorrow. See Governor Kemp’s interview on Fox News. Please continue to pray for our state and our Governor as he strives to balance save lives while ensuring the freedom of all Georgians to earn a living.



This week a successful entrepreneur with an incredible personal story and a likeable persona announced his intentions to devote his company’s resources to aiding in the current crisis facing our nation…

And, he was hated for it.

The talking heads and the liberal media vilified this patriotic American, Mike Lindell (aka “the My Pillow guy”), because he dared to use his platform to talk about his faith, to thank the Lord for President Trump, and to call for spiritual renewal. Quickly, he became the target of the never-ending supply of venom from the Left.

We see it all the time, though, right?

President Trump himself was quite popular with the media while he was a playboy, entertainer, and mogul. Then, he became a pro-life, pro-freedom candidate and leader. And, now they hate him – despite his stellar leadership of our nation to new heights and then through this horrible crisis.

Governor Kemp was never liked by the media or the political Left, but he became their ultimate villain when he promised to sign Heartbeat legislation and then dared to actually follow through. Now – even as his leadership of our state through this virus has been transparent, freedom-preserving, and life-saving – he is hated and attacked at every turn by those who oppose our values.

Senator Loeffler was a universally acclaimed business executive… until she became the pro-life, pro-freedom Kemp appointed US Senator. Now that she’s the leader they’ve long-feared – a wildly successful businesswoman willing to fight for life and be a bold champion for our values – they are pulling out all the stops to see her defeated.

We see it time and again. Those – even those doing great things from a secular perspective – become hated for standing for Christ.

So, how should we view this?

First, we shouldn’t be surprised. Matthew 10:22 promises that we will be hated for Christ’s sake, knowing that persecution comes from being different than the world. Second, we should live with love, knowing that our persecution isn’t being directed because of something inherent about us – instead it comes because of He who is being shown through us. And third, we should be comforted to know that going out-of-our-way to avoid the hatred will only result in denying what makes us worth hating: Christ.

If even a man providing aid during a time of crisis is hated because he wears his love for Jesus on his sleeve, we should feel emboldened to let our light shine. If you live out your faith, there is nothing you can do to make the world not hate you. So, embrace that fact. Live in love, kindness, and compassion, but let your light shine in the knowledge that the promised persecution is a sign of your faithfulness.

As we enter this election season, we are looking for candidates willing to be hated for the right reasons – willing to be hated for His name’s sake.

Please keep our leaders in your prayers. President Trump, Governor Kemp, and Senators Perdue and Loeffler are leading us incredibly well despite the venom being thrown their way. Please keep our organization in your prayers as our strong position continues to bring forth hostility from those opposed to our values. And, please keep great Americans like Mike Lindell in your prayers as these leaders form the backbone of our society while also bringing glory to Him.

Willing to be hated,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

As I write this, I want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. May the Lord keep you safe and well and may He be a great source of comfort and hope in this time of uncertainty!

These times are, indeed, interesting, and our nation is being challenged in unique and unprecedented ways – including quarantines and social distancing that have rocked our culture across the board. One such way was evident on social media last weekend as proof of what so many are saying regarding “idle hands.”

With many spending extra time on social media these days, a “fake news” story took off this weekend attacking Senator Kelly Loeffler, who has been endorsed by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia®. The “research” for this story was done by a George Soros funded organization, initially authored by a far-left outlet, and culminated in a petition by radical progressive attacking Loeffler.

Our pro-life, pro-family Senator – appointed by the nation’s most pro-life Governor – addresses the slanderous allegations here.

I hope you’ll take the time to learn the truth about the absurdly false claims being circulated – politically motivated and aimed at preying on people’s emotions during a national crisis. Below is a list of FACTS that originally appeared on my personal Facebook page:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I have no doubt that – as soon as the “story” broke – you began seeing false posts on social media eager to trumpet these false claims. For some, these posts are a shameful ploy to promote their preferred candidate in a time of crisis. For others, the phony headlines raised sincere concerns.

For all of us, however, our concern first and foremost should be the truth. We have endorsed Kelly Loeffler in her campaign because we know her to be the best candidate for advancing our pro-life, pro-family movement. If you’ve come to a different conclusion, that is certainly your right.

However, with many rushing to accuse our Senator of unethical behavior and attacking her integrity, it is my hope that you will promote truth instead.

In this “read headline and react” social media era, it’s a temptation to use technology tools as a means to spread falsehoods or “bad reports.” I encourage you, in all things, to seek Him, pursue truth, and – especially in this time of national crisis where Christians should lead the way in “coming together” – use your platform for unity.

Praying for you and for our nation in this trying time,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


PS. As you seek information regarding the Coronavirus, I encourage you to follow Governor Kemp’s Facebook page, where he is posting regular updates and videos.

Make no mistake about it. The momentum we’ve established in Georgia is on the ballot this November, and, in the “jungle primary” U.S. Senate race, only one candidate builds on the pro-life, pro-family success we’ve seen. That’s why we proudly endorse Senator Kelly Loeffler in this pivotal election.

Late last year, the nation’s most pro-life governor appointed Kelly Loeffler as the best person to advance our values in Washington. Before that moment, her life embodied the American Dream. Her successes mounted. Leading one of the world’s most significant financial institutions, she gained the experiences needed to deliver the American Dream to others.

Since that moment, Kelly Loeffler has consistently embodied the conservative convictions she’s held throughout her life – fighting against the sham impeachment, becoming a leading pro-life advocate in the Senate, and putting Georgians first every day.

Brian Kemp’s leadership has transformed Georgia, and his choice, Kelly Loeffler, will play a profound role both in transforming the nation and in securing lasting momentum for the pro-family movement in our state.

As a political outsider, Kelly Loeffler represents much of what Brian Kemp has brought to the table – a departure from an entrenched political class in Georgia that was all about preserving the status quo rather than advancing a bold agenda.

Quite simply, like President Trump and David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler isn’t bound by the “this is how we do things around here” mentality of many career politicians in Washington.

Now, let me address “the elephant in the room.” While pro-life leaders in Georgia are uniting behind Loeffler, some appreciate the record of one of her opponents: Doug Collins. However, as we’ve repeatedly seen with politicians, we cannot limit our evaluations to how someone might vote when pro-family legislation comes before them – a deeper review of one’s record and character truly matters.

Despite his recent rebrand as a Trump defender on Fox News, Doug Collins has long been known as an “Establishment” political figure in Georgia and in Washington. He was the Floor Leader for Nathan Deal, the governor who vetoed religious freedom. He opposed the nomination of Brian Kemp. Organizations like Club for Growth and Conservative Review – organizations we don’t overlap with or agree on every issue – give Collins an ‘F’ rating as one of the most moderate to liberal Republicans in Washington.

And, since beginning this campaign, Collins and his surrogates (have) run a campaign bereft of truth and decency, one built on sexism, innuendo, and a hostility toward success. Beyond the fact that his career points to a man who would not be an agent of change, the opening of his campaign – with flailing attacks on Governor Kemp and reckless attacks on Senator Loeffler – raises serious character concerns and bring his fitness for office very much in doubt.

In short, Doug Collins may be a nice guy, but that is not reflected in his campaign or rationale for running.

Every choice you make in this 2020 cycle will be of paramount importance. It’s imperative that we send a powerful signal in support of the Heartbeat Bill, the Governor who signed it into law, and the national efforts to make gains for life, freedom, and constitutional courts.

Your strong support of Senator Kelly Loeffler sends that signal.

A vote for establishment politician and dishonest campaigner Doug Collins – or one of the radical liberal candidates in the race – does not.

Kelly Loeffler is a strong vote for our values, the voice we need advocating for us in all corners of the state and in the Senate, and the ally Governor Kemp and President Trump need to achieve a state and nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

With so much confusion and misinformation, YOU can make the difference in this race. Control of the Senate – and the ability to confirm judges – runs through Georgia, and, together, we can deliver a clear victory for Senator Loeffler that will have profound ramifications in our state and across the country for years to come.

On to Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive director


Late last year, Governor Kemp appointed Kelly Loeffler – a strong pro-life woman who is already making a major difference in Washington. The pick sent shockwaves across Georgia, and liberals who had their hopes set on taking the state ran scared. It’s why they’ve been unable to find a credible candidate to run against her!

But, now the Left is unleashing a new strategy. Under the leadership of Rep. Bob Trammell, whose seat Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® is working to flip, liberals are trying to change the rules of the election.

Tell your legislators to VOTE NO to the proposed changes TODAY!

Trammell and the pro-abortion liberals at our Capitol are colluding with Loeffler’s opponents to create a May election that would pull her away from fighting against the impeachment sham and make it harder for her to do the job Governor Kemp appointed her to do. This is a farce! It’s not about democracy; it’s about a power grab and about enhancing their chances for this Senate seat.

Normally, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia would hesitate to weigh in on election law. However, the integrity of the system is at stake and the clear motivation is to stack the deck against Senator Loeffler, who is partnering with President Trump to protect human life across the nation.

Please encourage your legislators to reject this liberal version of HB 757 TODAY! Specifically, ask your legislators to VOTE NO on HB 757 as amended.

We have made it easy to find the contact information you need.  Go to our Action Center and enter your zip code or address as prompted.

While you will initially see contact info for our federal delegation presented, you can then click on the Georgia tab to view your state officials’ emails and phone numbers.

Thank you for taking action,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

The speculation is over, and Governor Brian Kemp has delivered on yet another promise: appointing pro-life Kelly Loeffler to fulfill the open US Senate seat.

Since proudly announcing our support for Kemp for governor in 2018, we continue to be grateful to see our initial trust in him backed up with strong, conservative action. This is no different.

Despite a deliberate misinformation campaign waged by those with an agenda, this pick is another home run by Governor Kemp. Kelly Loeffler has a compelling life story from growing up on a farm to building a wildly successful business. She is a person of devout faith, and she is unabashedly pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-school choice, and will be a strong advocate for our values as our US Senator.

Like President Trump and David Perdue, Kelly is a political outsider. She’s donated and supported conservative candidates and causes over the years, but her focus has been on creating jobs and building a strong business.

I’m confident that those skills and talents will make her an out-of-the-box thinker, willing to stand up to the status quo, and able to think of issues in terms of whether they are right or wrong and not whether they are politically correct.

Today, I celebrate this selection, but the road ahead of us is long. Immediately, Kelly will join the US Senate and be called upon to vote for and champion our shared values. Moreover, this seat will be on the ballot in 2020 and 2022. So, while she’s fighting for our values in Washington, millions from New York, San Francisco, and the Biden-Sanders-Warren-Buttigieg crowd will be flowing to Georgia in opposition against her.

We must continue to fight to see this seat secured for our values for years to come! So, as we celebrate today, this effort is only just beginning.

For the last year-and-a-half, it’s been an honor to partner with Governor Kemp to advance our values, and I’m confident Kelly Loeffler will be a “Kemp Conservative” in Washington. Let’s pray for her, support her, and work hard to keep this seat in 2020!

For Life,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


P.S. Many opponents – whether well-meaning or focused on their own ambitions – have spread countless false rumors in the days leading up to this pick. Don’t be fooled! Kelly Loeffler shares our values, and she will have an opportunity to prove it to you in the coming months. She has been appointed by the nation’s leading pro-life governor, and, as she officially becomes Senator Loeffler, is poised to take the momentum we’ve built in Georgia up to DC.


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

On November 6th, we will celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Brian Kemp’s defeat of Stacey Abrams (yes, Stacey, YOU LOST!!!). Without a doubt, this victory is one already considered a pivotal point in the history of our state – launching an Administration I believe will be long remembered as one that truly unleashed Georgia’s potential!

That’s why we’re celebrating this week and encouraging you to join in with a congratulatory thank you message to Governor Kemp. Please click here to submit a personalized note of congratulations and/or appreciation for the work he has already done for you and your family.

In Year 1, Brian Kemp and his team – including our outstanding Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan – have set a bold course to put you and your family first. This agenda includes:

I trust Brian Kemp. I trust him to keep his word, to always put Georgians first, to do the right thing, and to be faithful to the Lord and to his family. He’s a leader we can be proud of, and the results tell a powerful story. Click here to congratulate him with a personalized message on the 1-year anniversary of his victory and share your appreciation for the work he’s doing!

This is just the beginning. In the years to come, I am confident we will see more bold action to protect our constitutional freedoms, reform adoption and foster care, and empower families in education. We are resolved to supporting him in this pro-family agenda.


Cole Muzio

P.S. Click here to write a note to Governor Kemp. And, consider pitching in to help us in our quest to elect more pro-family leaders who will support the Kemp Agenda with a generous contribution today.


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

When we launched in Georgia just 2.5 years ago, we sought to change the status quo in the fight for life that had become stagnant. We led the charge by fighting to elect Brian Kemp, partner with his administration to pass the Heartbeat Law, and embolden the church to speak out for the most vulnerable.

We achieved major, life-saving, and historic victories, but we knew we had signed up for a long haul.

This week, a federal judge issued a ruling based on bad science and faulty precedent to block the implementation of our Heartbeat Law on January 1. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

While this ruling is disappointing, the fight continues – both legally and politically. Governor Kemp has promised to continue the fight through the judicial system, and we must stand with him by fighting to defend our pro-life legislators and oppose those who took the radical position that unborn babies with beating hearts are not worth protecting with the “no” vote on Heartbeat.

We were the only pro-family organization to step forward and endorse Brian Kemp in his bid for the nomination and election, and we are leading the charge in 2020 to increase our pro-Heartbeat, pro-family majority.

Some unelected, wrong-headed judge won’t stop the momentum we’ve built. Will you help us in the fight with a generous gift today? Your support is the fuel we need to continue to partner with those who have stood for what’s right in the face of the intensity of the far left.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Planned Parenthood is already spending big to oppose pro-life leaders. We are counting on your support to be the tip of the spear in the fight back. Your gift of $50, $100, $250, or more today will make the difference. No amount is too small to make an impact for the smallest, most innocent unborn life – worthy of being cherished and protected!


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia


As expected, the abortion industry is suing Governor Kemp for his commitment to protecting innocent human life.

Why? Because abortion is an entire profit-making industry, and the leadership we elected values life – the most sacred gift the Lord gives us – more than money. Because Governor Kemp is committed to doing the right thing over political expedience or what is easy.

Please pray.

This lawsuit wasn’t unexpected. Even during the campaign, Brian Kemp knew that his bold commitment would result in a court battle. It is, however, sad that our fellow citizens so thoroughly cherish death, the ability to snuff out the lives of the vulnerable, that they will sue to keep their industry alive and thriving.

To read what the pro-abortion industry has to say, see the lawsuit filed this morning.

With the legal process beginning, we are prayerful that what is right will win out. This law is scientifically sound – understanding the truth that we are dealing with living human beings worthy of protection. This law takes into account what the courts have been telling us for years about establishing the personhood of the unborn. This law reflects basic common sense – with it being impossible to hear the sound of a heartbeat and not come face to face with the reality of life. And, this law reflects the will of the people of Georgia and their duly elected officials.

Our hope is that the court will cease an era of tyranny and recognize these basic facts and allow our state the right to protect life.

To that end, I humbly ask you to pray.

We will keep you updated throughout this process, and we will also be keeping up the fight in the political and policy arenas for a Georgia where life is cherished. May the Lord continue to show us His grace.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director