Happy Fourth of July!

My family and I wish you and yours a blessed day of celebrating the hard-won, God-given freedom we still enjoy in this nation. America has been and remains a unique experiment worthy of our gratitude and commitment.

But, where it’s been said that “freedom is never more than one generation from extinction,” it has often seemed far closer to slipping away in recent years.

That’s why you cannot tell me that the Lord is not actively intervening in the public square.

While the trends of freedom have not been positive for decades, we have seen the Lord spare us from seeing a dramatic loss in recent years. Can you imagine the devastating effects a President Hillary Clinton would have had on your freedoms? What about a Governor Stacey Abrams? Their radical leftist views would have eroded the right to life, worship, and educate children according to their unique needs.

Money and polling indicated that we were careening toward those devastating outcomes. Instead, the Lord saw fit to elect President Trump and Governor Kemp. Praise Him!

Based on history and Scripture, we can conclude that we won’t always receive such blessings. But, a review of history, of Scripture, and these recent victories reveal a God who is active, intentional, and gracious in preserving our freedom.

Let’s take advantage of this momentum!

Use this time to claim ground for life and freedom in the public square. Get involved in the culture. Share the Gospel. Use the freedom the Lord is taking steps to preserve.

May you and your family enjoy this special day and be renewed by this celebration of our freedom!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Arguably the most well-known verse in the Bible, John 3:16, is a source of comfort for our work during Christmas time.

The “For God so loved the world” portion of the verse has implications that are theologically loaded, and I will do my best to avoid landmines here. But, here’s what I believe is abundantly clear: God’s plan of redemption isn’t just about individuals; there is a corporate element to it as well.

I’ve always found it fascinating that love of the “world” was described as the rationale sending Christ to earth. We see God’s love of the world as well in Revelation and the descriptions of a new earth, one where the “bride” comes down from heaven.

Yes, Jesus became flesh, lived a perfect life, died, and rose again for every believer as an individual, but the earth itself, albeit renewed, and a collective group of people is also a source of his redemptive motivation. His purpose is to see His world made new and His people made His bride, and that should be our purpose as well.

Before Christ returns, we will never see Georgia made perfect. But, if the aims of our Lord are to be the desires of our heart, then we should labor toward that end. We should know that a love of what Georgia was designed to be and what He will make it again was part of the motivation for our Savior coming to earth, and we should, therefore, understand that it and its people are worth our labor and devotion.

As we celebrate Christmas, we know that the babe in the manger didn’t come to remain a precious child. He came to deliver salvation to sinners and to redeem the world. He came to bring light and hope in the midst of darkness and to conquer sin and death. As we seek to be like Him, may His motivations and His purpose be ours.

I believe that opportunities abound in our state to seek and bring about His glory. The Lord has blessed us with great progress over 2018, and, together, may we love the world and love Georgia as He does.

With great hope and joy,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

This letter is written to you, as an engaged Christian, and I also encourage you to, where appropriate, send to your pastor, church elder, or leader to engage them in our movement for biblical citizenship.

As Bible-believing Christians we lament the direction of our declining culture – the increasing celebration of sin, the lack of pursuit of godliness, and the assault on truth.

There are many reasons for this, but I would argue that the primary reason we don’t see much light in our culture is because Christians have increasingly hid theirs, looking more and more like the rest of the world.

Christ warned of this: “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

The “saltiness” of the Church has nothing to do with the number of people who fill its pews. Instead it has to do with the “flavor” of its believers- their willingness to stand apart and be different.

So, let me ask you this: are you using your influence as a church leader to help fellow believers be different?

My hope is that you are, but the sad truth is that many are abandoning that call. Instead many churches are watering down the Gospel, essentially ripping pages out of the Bible, in order to be more like the world.

The result of this abandonment of biblical truths is seen clearly in the political landscape.

Consider what the Democrat nominee for Lt. Governor, Sara Riggs Amico, said recently, “I know that confuses a lot of people to be a pro-labor, pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-gay rights Christian. I personally think it’s quite consistent with my beliefs.”

Like Amico, the nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, is also campaigning extensively on her faith background despite holding beliefs that run counter to Scripture. Down the ticket, others also point to their faith as well as a belief system that undermines that faith, like Representative Sam Park, who said, “I’m a gay, Christian, Korean man sitting in the intersection of faith, sexual orientation and ethnicity.”

Now, I want to be clear: I am not here to say that Amico, Abrams, Park, or those who agree with them are not people of faith. However, I do want to say that those views are entirely inconsistent with the Scripture that guides the Christian faith.

The Bible is abundantly clear from Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, and more that homosexuality is an affront to God’s design. Just as it is true that “all have sinned,” including myself, it is true, from Scripture that God views homosexuality as a sin and violation of His law.

Similarly, Scripture is also clear about the importance of life (Psalm 139:13-16), the responsibility of parents (Proverbs 22:6), the mandate to protect young children (Matthew 18:6), and God’s intentional design of gender (Genesis 5:2).

Yet, despite this clarity, the leftist ticket is running in direct opposition to these tenants- all while claiming a Christian faith.

So, how did we get here?

The Church, once a clear voice on the issues of the day, began shrinking away from cultural battles. And, we are seeing the sad results. Polling shows that the values and beliefs of evangelical Christians are increasingly moving toward those of the rest of the world. The story is even worse when you specifically look at younger evangelicals- barely indistinguishable from non-believers.

Frequently, pastors or study leaders will push away discussion of cultural issues, deeming them “too political.” Yet, when those issues aren’t spoken to in the churches, it’s easy for the ideology of the world to take root. When church leaders refuse to speak about sexuality, God’s intentional design, the value of human life from conception, or the calling He places on parents, Christians will look to fill the vacuum of information from sources outside of Scripture.

That’s why I am writing to you. No, the Bible is not a political book, and it doesn’t say whether Christians should vote Republican or Democrat. But, it does lay out a clear set of principles and values that believers should stand for. It’s time for the Church to, once again, find its voice on these issues.

As a church leader, I’m asking you to help the Church regain its “saltiness.” Speak on cultural issues within a biblical context. Talk about the Christians’ role in culture. And, make it clear that positions counter to Scripture cannot come from a position of Christian faith!

This coming election is a great opportunity for you, as a church leader, to address this. It’s appropriate, legal, and biblical to encourage your congregation to engage in voting, look at where the candidates stand on issues vital to our faith, and to stand up for our values.

We want to partner with you and serve you in this effort. In the coming months, we will be unveiling our plans to establish an active network of church leaders, and, if you are interested, please contact me at cole.muzio@familypolicyalliance.com.

It breaks my heart to see the way our culture has gone. However, it breaks my heart all-the-more to see issues counter to Scripture be claimed by people of faith. The Church needs to do more. We need to embrace the call to be “salt” and “light.” It’s time to awaken.

For a Stronger Church,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

I am writing today on behalf of Cole to ask for your prayers for him and his family as they deal with a health crisis this week. As the body of Christ, it is our privilege to lift each other up, and this week our brother Cole needs our prayers. We are thankful for the Lord’s work in healing him thus far but ask for prayers for continued healing and strength for him and his family.

As you pray for the Muzio family, in the spirit of 1 Timothy 2, I also encourage you to be in prayer for the election next week. We are called to pray for those in authority.

So here a few key things to pray for as we enter this election week:

Thank you for your prayers and please remember to go the polls on Tuesday, July 24!

Joining you in prayer,

Brittany Jones
Policy Manager, Family Policy Alliance

About my son, Cade.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Cade. He is my good buddy, and he can prompt a laugh from his father with a mere look. But, he can also test me in greater ways than I thought possible.

At 2 years old, Cade can talk, but he prefers to grunt and make you guess. He derives pleasure from starting an argument with his big brother, sneakily taking a toy he was just playing with, or randomly smacking him on the head to illicit a reaction. In short, he likes to be a punk with his big bro.

He also isn’t crazy about listening, and he loves marching to the beat of his own drum. Perhaps most perplexing is his joyous appetite for destruction. If we leave a cup of sweet tea in his reach, he will go pour it on the couch. If he goes upstairs by himself, we better follow or risk every single wall in his room receiving new artwork. And, we’ve learned not to leave the bathroom door open, or we risk him turning on the sink, soaking himself and a towel, and putting most of a roll of toilet paper in the toilet.

But, I have hope.

My son Cade experiences pure joy in a way that I’ve never seen. He has a natural sense of self, and he knows what he wants. Though not as verbose and certainly leaving us questioning how he opts to use his brain, he can show remarkable intuition and understanding when he chooses.

We also have plenty of resources to help direct him. Both his mother and I are present and love him with our whole hearts. There are a host of books and conferences available to help parents in general and to assist in parenting strong willed children specifically. Cade’s grandparents are also around to help- even though his paternal ones take particular pleasure in the trouble he can cause. Cade’s Sunday School is also a blessing. All in all, there are many opportunities for us to develop as parents so that we can best teach, mold, and train this boy with a host of potential to utilize it for the glory of God.

But, there aren’t many such resources for our politicians.

Every election, there are several strong believers who run for office for the right reasons, have strong capability and experience, and achieve a victory. But, they haven’t served in office before, and there isn’t exactly a playbook.

Serving in office brings a host of problems and challenges. It’s also an opportunity for massive kingdom impact. So, how do you get there? How do our Christ-honoring elected officials take their natural talent and a passion for protecting the unborn to forge a Georgia where life is cherished? Or, take a desire to see God glorified to build the coalition needed to pass religious freedom legislation that the Left will mobilize and spend big against?

You know, the Lord has asked a lot of me as I parent Cade. I won’t get graded on a curve or given a break because it was hard. I am called to raise a God-fearing, impactful man that utilizes his strong will for the glory of the King instead of being held captive by it.

He also asks a lot of our politicians, who, likewise, are called to glorify Him regardless of the challenges. But, they haven’t been given many resources… until now.

Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy™ is a unique program that develops rising, talented, and passionate leaders to assist them in their journey to fulfill God’s calling by impacting the public square.

This program WILL play a profound role in changing our culture.

Once again, Georgia is likely to have more attendees than any other state. And our state will reap major benefits. Could you help us fund this pivotal program? If you feel led, your gift will be tax-deductible. Please support the training of leaders who will help forge a Georgia where God is honored.

Your support and prayers for the upcoming Statesmen Academy, which will be held in late June, is much appreciated. Our statesmen will be the cornerstone of all we accomplish for years to come, and I could not be more excited about this unique program.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio

President & Executive Director


But, I HATE asking for money. While I love our ministry partners and spending time getting to know them, I genuinely despise asking for money.

That’s why I apologize up front, but I need your help! Here are 3 reasons why:

What an exciting time for our organization as opportunity for impact abounds! Your prayers, support, and encouragement mean the world to us, and I hope that you will consider helping us reach our goals!

Again, I do hate asking for money, but every dollar given to FPF’s Statesmen Academy or FPA’s election efforts here in Georgia is being matched! The Lord is opening doors ahead of us to glorify Him, and it is our honor to continue to fight the good fight.

Hating to ask but honored to serve,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

It is an honor and a privilege to fight on your behalf to bring glory to God in a fallen world.

However, one day all the troubles we have and all the evil we see will pass away, and we have the opportunity to spend eternity with our King because of what we celebrate this weekend.

Our perfect Savior took on flesh, lived flawlessly, died painfully, and rose triumphantly. Despite all the woes of this life, we serve a God who has already won and who reigns forever.

As we cherish this fact, I wish you and yours a Blessed Easter weekend. May this be a refreshing time for your family and a joyous celebration of the ultimate glorious victory.

Wishing you a Blessed Easter weekend,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

You need to understand what happened in the State Senate Tuesday.

State Senator Michael Williams, who we have endorsed for governor, introduced a critical amendment to preserve religious freedom for teachers and faculty in our public schools, as well as several other pro-life and pro-family amendments.

Not only did these amendments not pass—they weren’t even given a vote!

So, with religious freedoms being stripped away and babies dying on our watch, a Senate with an overwhelming number of officials who would affirm support for religious freedom and life refused to even cast a vote for our values.

Now, I am not writing this email to criticize individual members or to ascribe blame. What I am saying, however, is that we need a culture change under the Gold Dome. It is time to move past box checking, platitudes, and empty rhetoric. It is time for action.

If you agree, I am asking for you to stand with us on May 22nd for Georgia’s primary election.

We have some good men and women down at the Capitol. But, we have far too few. We need more strength, more guts, more conviction. We need leaders who understand the reality that our foremost liberty (religious freedom) and the ability to exercise any liberty (the Right to Life) are being snuffed out.

I appreciate Senator Michael Williams and his commitment to bringing these issues to the forefront as the legislative session winds down. I call on others to express the same fight and fortitude.

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has already endorsed Senator Michael Williams for Governor and Senator Marty Harbin for his re-election bid to the state Senate because of their bold leadership on issues that matter to Georgia families. And, we plan to endorse several more of these strong candidates as we head into the May primary and November general elections.

We hope that you will join with us to make sure that more leaders like Senator Williams are elected to boldly protect life, religious freedom, and families under the Gold Dome.

Because the stakes are too high to be silent,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Senate Bill 437, which we have written about previously, passed the House Juvenile Justice Committee Wednesday. This law would change pivotal language from a doctor “may” get parental consent to place a DNR order on a minor to a doctor may place such an order “only with” parental consent. In a case where just a couple of words can make all the difference, we are thankful to Sen. Chuck Payne for working with us on this legislation.

Additionally, Senate Resolution 681, sponsored by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsed candidate Sen. Marty Harbin, also passed out of committee. This resolution calls on Congress to pass a Parental Rights Amendment to secure those fundamental rights against the machinations of the radical Left.

Praise the Lord for these wins and please continue to be in prayer as we seek to get this legislation on the floor of the House, passed, and signed by the governor!

Yet, we cannot forget that this legislative session has also seen intense opposition to school choice- a key parental right. Moreover, religious freedom legislation- protecting our first liberty and also having profound parental rights implications- has faced opposition so intense it never received a vote. Currently, the Keep Faith in Adoptions Bill is languishing in the House Judiciary Committee with time running out.

Despite some wins, we need a culture change under the Gold Dome!

To forge that change, here are some things you can do: 1) pray- this will take the Lord’s leading, 2) continue responding to our action alerts to hold your legislator accountable, 3) circle May 22nd on your calendar- this primary election is critical, and 4) consider a contribution for Family Policy Alliance of Georgia to fund our lobbying and election efforts.

We are called to action for such a time as this- knowing opportunity exists, the opposition is intense, and the state is at a crossroads. We look forward to continuing the fight.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

I’m happy to report that – thanks to the action of many of you – Sen. William Ligon’s bill to protect the work of Georgia’s faith-based adoption agencies passed the Senate!

But now, your help is urgently needed to get the Adoption Protection Act through the House before imminent legislative deadlines. Will you take a moment to send a quick note to House Speaker David Ralston – asking him to get this bill (SB 375) a committee hearing and push it through the House?

Reaching out to the Speaker is simple and just takes seconds at our Action Center.

Speaker Ralston has been a friend to values issues in Georgia.  Your message to him will let him know he has your backing to make this bill a priority in the legislative rush.

As a reminder, the Adoption Protection Act is critical.  Already, states like Illinois and Massachusetts have forced faith-based adoption agencies to close for refusing to cater to sexual politics, and the same forces are working hard here in Georgia!

Thanks again for standing with us – we couldn’t do this without you!

Please send this quick message to the Speaker today!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Please share and forward this message far and wide.  Thank you!