Meet Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance’s allied organization in Georgia—Family Policy Alliance of Georgia.

After an out-of-state atheist group has repeatedly attacked teachers and even students for praying at school, Cole and his team—and two bold Georgia legislators—decided to do something about it.

Since making laws is the job of the legislature (not activist groups or courts), they are working to advance a bill that would protect the right of teachers and students to freely pray and express their faith in school.

Please pray for Cole and his team! We hope their work catches fire in other states!

Hear from Cole in his short Facebook Live video from this week.


By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy

As believers, we all lament decisions by courts and politicians that have “kicked God out of our public schools.” But what if we—the family of believers—stopped lamenting and instead decided to do something about it?

That’s what’s happening in Georgia right now, and we wanted to make sure you heard about it—because it can happen in your state too.

Last fall in Georgia, a high school football coach knelt in prayer with his players before the game. Then, an atheist group called Freedom from Religion Foundation sent the school a threatening letter saying that the coach was out of line—and of course used the tired, old, and always out-of-context mantra “he violated the separation of church and state.”

But here’s the kicker—this atheist group isn’t even located in Georgia. They’re based in Wisconsin and have a reputation for meddling in other states—probably even yours, even if it didn’t make national news—attempting to silence religious speech and squelch any public displays of faith. Freedom from Religion Foundation typically targets small schools, towns, or even senior living homes without the means to fight back.

Now, our ally in Georgia, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, and a bold state Senator, Michael Williams, are pushing back—and their efforts are getting a lot of attention in the media.

Whether public school staff can kneel or bow a head in prayer with their students is a gray area of the law, but Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and Senator Michael Williams believe that this should be a very clear area of the law—students should be allowed to pray at school, and teachers and coaches should be allowed to join them.

Senator Williams introduced a simple, common-sense bill to clarify that:

  1. Students can lead prayers and faith-based groups at school.
  2. Students can pray or express a religious viewpoint in their speeches (at graduation, for example) and in class assignments.
  3. Teachers can participate in student-led prayers.

Cole Muzio- President – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, praised Senator Williams’ bill: “We are thankful that Senator Williams has stepped forward to affirm that First Amendment rights don’t end in the school parking lot. Teachers shouldn’t be forced to choose between their career and their faith, and students shouldn’t have to hide their faith at school.”

Does your state have a Senator Williams who will boldly step forward to protect your state’s schools from out-of-state activist groups, challenge the status quo, and restore religious freedom for students and teachers? Does your state have a Body of believers who will support a bold elected leader who will stand for faith?

Family Policy Alliance believes bold legislators who will stand for faith are worth supporting, and we want to help you find them in your state! Our calling and mission is to see godly men and women elected to the “mission field” of public office where they will serve families like yours and help restore religious freedom in every corner of the states and nation.

Imagine if we saw more coaches praying with their teams, more students in Bible studies and praying at school, and more teachers praying and reading their Bibles during break time.  With a Body of believers willing to live out their faith by unleashing biblical citizenship, like the coach who prayed with his team, and elected leaders who share and boldly live out their values, we can see more of all of this—in every state—and we’re willing to work for it. Will you help us?

If you’re up for the challenge, I’d like to ask you to start by joining our Family Policy Alliance team in:

  1. Praying that the Georgia Legislature will pass Senator Williams’ bill to restore religious freedom in schools; and
  2. Committing, right now, to vote in the 2018 election for leaders who share your values.

Family Policy Alliance is proud to work alongside Cole Muzio and Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, one of our 40 state-based allies. Cole has a great message about the importance of increasing education freedom in Georgia—and every state!

You can smell it in the air, can’t you? Can you feel it? The wonder, excitement, pure joy, and exhilaration that comes with the “most wonderful time of the year” … the beginning of football season!

This time of year is a much-treasured time in my family. NFL teams are suiting up for training camp, college teams have launched practice, and high school football will begin playing games in just a few short weeks. It’s a time that brings back many great memories, ushers in boundless joy, and makes me think of the day when my sons will update the record books (Hey, a dad can dream).

But, for many Georgia families, it’s a time of year best embodied by a closed door.

For those parents and children who have decided their best course of action is to homeschool, the road to athletic participation is closed. Regardless of the talent or passion of the student, Georgia is one of the few states committed to keeping those kids from participating in public school sports – which, by the way, are paid for by the tax dollars of their parents.

A system that penalizes those who exercise the right to be educated as best suits their family is broken. Denial of access and opportunity undermines choice, denies parental rights and harms Georgia’s students.

My friends, Georgia is lagging behind. Many states have already passed a version of a “Tebow Bill,” legislation that allows homeschoolers to participate in public school sports. Instead of encouraging participation and genuine school choice, our state is one of the most restrictive in the nation!

However, we are preparing to push back. Strong, pro-family leaders like Sen. Michael Williams – a candidate for governor – and others are partnering with us on this issue in the upcoming legislative session.

The freedom of families to choose the educational options that best meet their child’s needs is critical in Georgia, and every state. Making sure homeschoolers in every state can access athletics is one piece of Family Policy Alliance’s effort in increasing families’ freedom in education. We’ve made a quick-reference map so that you can see if your state is a state like Georgia that needs more freedom in education with a “Tebow bill” or if your state already secures this freedom for homeschooling families. We’re working to make sure every state on this map turns blue instead of gray!

States with Tebow Laws or Similar Provisions for Homeschoolers

Believe it or not, there are strong, well-funded opponents to equal access for homeschoolers. We need your partnership and financial support in order to build a nation where families, not the government, drive education needs and funding. Children’s dreams and successes shouldn’t be shackled by government interference and powerful teachers’ unions. Will you partner with us on education freedom today?

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

by Cole Muzio, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

You have to admit, the Left takes on some difficult arguments. They argue a baby isn’t a baby, a boy isn’t necessarily a boy, and what has been marriage throughout the history of the world isn’t the only definition of marriage. Sadly, they have gotten quite good at making utterly nonsensical arguments.

That’s why, in my state of Georgia, it’s no surprise that the Left uses the same tactics when selling the idea of bringing casino gambling here. And, we want you to be aware of this deceptive salesmanship when it comes to your state.

Only rarely will you hear casino proponents arguing that their construction in and of itself is a positive thing. Instead, they will argue for supposed peripheral benefits – increased tax dollars flowing into our community, into our education system and scholarship programs, and new jobs for our workers.

Those arguments sound good on the surface – but they are dead wrong.

That’s why Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has released a new educational video telling the truth about the dangers of bringing casinos to our state.

Granted, your state may not have something like a Hope Scholarship- which helps in-state kids pay for college. However, there is no doubt that casino advocates will find a similar “heart-string” argument. But, do not be fooled! While the specifics to your state may be different, the devastating results of bringing casinos to our communities are universal.

No, casinos don’t bring economic prosperity to a community – they destroy hope for progress. No, casinos don’t bring tourism – they cannibalize local spending. No, casinos don’t improve educational opportunity – they drain school and scholarship funding. No, casinos don’t make lives better – they obliterate families, open pathways for the destruction of innocence with more human trafficking, and lead to a radical jump in crime.

Look, we know there may be good, well-meaning, otherwise conservative men and women who support bringing casinos to your state. However, they are not only wrong on this issue, but their stance has profound implications for job loss, dwindling educational opportunity, crime and human trafficking, and the destruction of the family. Their intentions may be solid, but they have bought into a lie.

As we consider this issue, we more and more see this as one that has dramatic and adverse cultural effects on entire communities, not just those who waste their family’s resources on vain fantasies and hopeless addictions. We firmly believe that we cannot treat this as a side issue that can be boxed off and separated from the rest of conservative, pro-family policy. We must challenge those who seek to advance the growth of the casino industry, articulate the truth, and, when dealing with conservative brothers and sisters, lovingly engage in a frank dialogue that shares the consequences of their position.

Moreover, given the incredible amount of resources that casino advocates possess, we must be proactive in pushing back their arguments. They will spend tens of millions of dollars on lobbying and in elections to ensure their profits, and we cannot be caught off guard!

Family Policy Alliance is committed to defeating efforts to grow the casino industry in my state of Georgia and in yours as well. While that doesn’t mean we can’t find common ground with those who disagree with us on this issue, it does mean that we cannot look the other way. Join with us today by sharing this video, engaging in serious dialogue with those who say “I agree with you on everything but this.” In our vision for a nation where “… families thrive,” this is an issue where we are proud to carry the banner, educate the public, and lead the fight against this well-funded industry.

P.S. In my state of Georgia, we are engaging in the fight against the casino industry by speaking truth, electing bold, pro-family officials, and engaging at the Capitol. In your state, we are making similar efforts to equip our leadership to engage on this issue and a host of others. If you want to make certain that our movement is “armed” to halt the devastating agenda of the casino industry – or any that would do harm to our families – please contribute to our efforts today.

A congressional district special election in Georgia is gaining national attention. Activists on the Left are pouring money into the state to support the pro-abortion candidate in an effort to gain perceived momentum for the 2018 mid-terms.

Cole Muzio, president of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, says it’s time for Georgians – and the rest of us – to take a stand against policies and candidates that take aim at family values.

Watch the video ad that Cole mentions.

Learn more about Family Policy Alliance of Georgia.

Sometimes elections in individual states can have policy consequences for the nation.

Thanks to folks on the Left, the Georgia 6th District special election has turned into a referendum on the 2016 election where Republicans gained the Senate, the House and the White House. Groups like Planned Parenthood are spending big money on the Democrat candidate, Jon Ossoff, who has become the darling of the Left and the mainstream media.

“Planned Parenthood is spending millions of dollars around the country to elect officials who will continue to use our tax dollars to fund abortions,” said Cole Muzio, president of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, one of Family Policy Alliance’s 40 state-based family groups, “because they know that they are at the greatest risk they’ve ever been to losing their taxpayer funding, as families across the country say ‘enough.’ With your help, we can lead the push back and continue the momentum from 2016!”

On the Republican ticket is Karen Handel. Karen worked for the Susan G. Komen Foundation until they began to partner with Planned Parenthood. As a Christian, Handel could not follow her faith and support such a partnership.

“Time and again, Karen Handel has proven to be a principled conservative,” said Muzio. “She has stood up to Planned Parenthood, advocated for the biblical definition of the family, and is a true servant-leader. We believe that she will be a worthy successor to Tom Price in Congress.”

A loss in this race means the media will spin a narrative of Georgia going blue, a repudiation of conservative principles, an embrace of radical leftist, anti-family ideology, and a rising liberal star emerging from the Peach State.

“The Left wants to nullify the results of November 2016,” explained Muzio, “and they want to build a narrative that our values, the values that fueled victories all around the country last fall, are losing issues.”

Your support is strengthening and expanding Family Policy Alliance’s network of state- based allies across the nation. In just the past year, three new state organizations have launched or relaunched—to protect your family and your values.

“This focus on the states and not on Washington—well, I think that’s what the Founders intended, and it’s refreshing to see a national group, Family Policy Alliance, take that intention seriously,” said Michael Geer, president of Pennsylvania Family Institute and member of the Family Policy Alliance Board of Directors.

Since 1987, God has allowed Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota (formerly North Dakota Family Alliance) to accomplish much for North Dakota’s families. We have always been there fighting for your core beliefs: protecting life, religious freedom and pro-family values.

Thanks to your support, we made clear the importance of our legislators, our laws and our state recognizing that preborn babies have heartbeats, strongly advocated for abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, supported a 20-week ban on abortion based on the preborn baby’s ability to feel pain, and drove the effort to ban abortions based on gender.

Your support protects state residents from being persecuted based on their religious convictions, and helped defeat a bill that would have required North Dakotans to recognize same-sex marriages. Finally, your support enabled us to engage in many House and Senate races in the last election, including one where the pro-family candidate won by 37 votes!

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer, grassroots activism and financial support. As it says in Philippians 1:27, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel.” So let’s stand firm together and continue praying that God will bless our partnership, for His glory!

Mark Jorritsma
President & Executive Director Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota


I joined the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas team in December. And I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to stand with you in support of the principles we hold most dear. I’ve been in the fight for these truths for many years, including previously serving as director of Faith Outreach for Marco Rubio for President and executive director of the Manhattan Declaration. I’m now honored to focus on the fight here at home, in Kansas.

Kansas is where my wife and I chose to plant our roots. This is where we will raise our children. In response to Jeremiah’s call to “seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare” (Jeremiah 29:7), I’m committed to making our state the best place for our families to flourish.

There is so much that we can accomplish if we join forces and work together. Kansas is in the crosshairs of those who wish to prohibit faith in the public square, redefine our most basic understanding of human identity and devalue lives they deem unworthy of living. Events of recent years have awakened us to the reality of these threats. This is a time for vigilance, wisdom and faith as we press back—which is only possible because of your faithful support.

Eric Teetsel
President & Executive Director Family Policy Alliance of Kansas


Last year, Georgia legislators attempted to pass a basic religious freedom bill. It simply confirmed that religious leaders don’t have to perform same-sex marriages that violate their sincerely held beliefs. Governor Deal vetoed this bill after pressure from LGBT activists and companies like the NFL and Disney.

Clearly, Georgia needed a strong organization dedicated to protecting religious freedom, as well as families and the sanctity of life. And thanks to your support, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia launched in November to give Georgia families a voice at the state capital. Because of you, Georgia families have the opportunity to see meaningful religious freedom protections advance in our state—and to hold our elected officials accountable when they fail to protect men, women and children of faith.

I’m thankful for your support of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. Through your partnership, you’ll protect life and improve the quality of life for all Georgians—because every life is worth fighting for. Abortion activists feel more threatened than ever and are fighting hard to maintain their funding.

Meanwhile, death activists are fighting to abandon our most vulnerable—those with serious illnesses, the elderly and the disabled— to hopelessness and death in the form of assisted suicide. Together, we can advance policy that instead sends the message that the most vulnerable in Georgia are worthy of hope and protection.

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

The Family Policy Alliance is growing! We’re proud to announce that we have added Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. Cole Muzio is the president and executive director of the new state group.

Cole comes to our alliance with a background in political campaigns, and is looking forward to reconnecting with his roots in Georgia.