Dear Friends,

We are proud to endorse Eric Smith for House District 76.

Eric Smith is thoughtful, humble, and willing to ask the hard questions. He doesn’t back down when faced with difficult decisions. He has consistently stood for life in the legislature. He sits on the prestigious House Federal and State Affairs Committee where most life related cases are heard. Eric isn’t afraid to ask abortion activists the hard questions, that make them listen. He helps educate his fellow committee members and the public in a kind but firm way.

This is why we were excited to invite him to join us at the Family Policy Foundation Statesmen Academy in 2019. This is an exclusive event where legislators are challenged and encouraged to live out their faith in how they think and interact with their fellow legislators, their families, and their communities.

Eric is the type of legislator who knows where his strength and victory come from. Topeka can be a frustrating place, especially when things like Value Them Both should be enacted but get blocked by several opportunistic legislators. Eric is the type of legislator who, even amid pitched battles and setbacks, calmly reassures all of us that the fight must and will go on.

But these are not just traits he exhibits as a legislature, but also within his community. He has courageously defended his community for over a decade as a law enforcement officer and he is a member of his church board. He clearly loves the Lord and seeks to honor him in how he serves at the Capitol.

Eric is the kind of conservative that you need in Topeka – compassionate, courageous and steadfast.

For district 76,

Brittany Jones, Esq,
Director of Advocacy