By Stephanie C., Esq., policy manager

Government shall not attempt to control the ideas a man has. . . . It shall let anybody talk in this country.” Former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black

Recently, I read a story about a doctor in the U.K. who was fired for continuing to use pronouns that identified a person’s biological sex, instead of their “chosen” sex. So, even though Dr. Mackareth might be treating a man (who said he was a transgender woman), he would still refer to the individual as “he” or “him.” After 26 years of treating people, Dr. Mackareth was no longer free to speak the truth because that truth is in opposition to the transgender agenda, which has become the state agenda in the U.K.

Here in the U.S., his story is becoming all too familiar. Teachers are also being fired for not using a student’s “preferred gender pronoun.”

In Indiana and Texas, teachers have been forced out of their positions for continuing to use correct gender pronouns and names to refer to students. Schools cite this “improper” use of language as “harassment” and in violation of school policies to use “preferred gender pronouns.” For these teachers, using a pronoun like “her” to refer to a boy was wrong –biologically, linguistically, and quite literally.

The Christian Civic League of Maine and New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation (our state allies) have worked hard over the past year to fight new school policies that seek to control the ideas teachers and students have about gender by requiring teachers and students to use cross-gender pronouns and names. Teachers and students face termination, expulsion, and suspension if they do not conform their speech to promote the school’s radical agenda—an agenda that denies the biological reality of sex and imposes the idea that sex is changeable.

Teachers and students are also subject to school “sensitivity training” if they use language to express the view that sex is biological. Teachers and students should never be forced to attend government training of an ideology or political perspective. This is yet another way the government is attempting to control the ideas that teachers and students have about sex and gender. This is a gross infringement upon our right to ideas and, by extension, our right to free speech.

Our nation was founded upon inalienable rights. Rights that cannot be taken away or removed or reduced. One of those inalienable rights is Liberty. From this right of liberty, flows the absolute right to our ideas and to share our ideas. We share our ideas through speech. Which brings us to our nation’s strongest free speech protections in the world.

Our own Supreme Court recently warned about the dangers of our state government “suppressing unpopular ideas or information” for no legitimate government purpose. In a recent Supreme Court Case, Justice Thomas wrote:

The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market. . . and the people lose when the government is the one deciding which ideas should prevail.”

There is a reason America has been a symbol of light and hope to much of the world.  We fiercely protect our liberty and have a unique system of checks and balances to limit the power of our government. But that system requires our constant participation, and our freedoms require our constant protection. Stand with Family Policy Alliance today! Unleash your biblical citizenship ™ by donating to Family Policy Alliance—to promote good policy, elect honorable leaders, and hold our representatives accountable for protecting our Liberty.

What would our Founders say? Has that thought ever occurred to you as yet another shocking article pops up in your feed or a disheartening story is recited on the news?

As we celebrated the Fourth of July this week, it was good to reflect on what freedom means, how precious it is, where it stands currently, and whether its future in our nation is secure.

Consider how appalled our Founders would be at the following examples:

Whether it’s the government itself, institutions, or radical groups of people, there has been a concerted effort in recent years to snuff out freedom at every opportunity.

But, I am hopeful that freedom’s greatest days could be ahead… if Christians make their voices heard.

On July 24th and on into November, Georgia has the opportunity to elect candidates that will strengthen our state and view freedom with the same level of seriousness and commitment as our Founders. Such victories would reverberate throughout the nation, and it would build on momentum from recent victories and vacancies at the Supreme Court, the overwhelming results of the 2016 and elections, and a general return to valuing freedom once again.

To be successful here and around the country, it is going to take the Body of Christ. No, it doesn’t require the Church to go forth, focus more on politics, and cozy up to a political party or its figures. Quite the opposite!

Instead, the awake and alert Body of Christ that takes up the Gospel, values every Word, and lives it out can transform the nation. Christians who truly believe that we are, as Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® endorsed candidate for governor, Brian Kemp, said this week “knitted together in our mother’s womb and… His craftsmanship” will fight with unbelievable vigor to protect human life. Those that understand we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) by our Creator will work to uphold the valuing of that design. And, those who believe that the greatest joy is seeing our children “walking in the truth” (3 John 1:4) will stand up for parental rights and school choice.

In summary, “the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32b).

I believe we are on the precipice of that point. Events of recent years have awakened the Church, once again, to the truth that we are “aliens and strangers” (1 Peter 2:11) on this earth. This, like a bucket of cold water thrown upon someone fast asleep, must serve as a wake up call to those lulled into inaction by the belief that the freedom espoused in 1776 was enshrined into perpetuity. Moreover, recent events have shown us just how close to losing these freedoms we truly are.

Such a combination makes us ripe for a Great Awakening for freedom and a re-commitment to engaging culturally in a biblical and lasting way. What an impact the Church can have if we embrace this opportunity!

We are committed to being the organizing mechanism and outlet to allow believers to fulfill their Gospel-mandate to be a light unto the world. Please pray for strength and wisdom as we build toward that goal.

Also, please also pray for: Even as we cite developments with the Supreme Court as a cause for hope, nothing there is certain. We don’t know 1) who President Trump will nominate, and, because of the need to keep specific opinions quiet, whether they will truly be the constitutional jurist we hope for in a nominee, 2) whether the nominee will even get confirmed, 3) if the nominee, once confirmed, will see their positions evolve leftward as we have seen time and again or 4) whether Chief Justice Roberts will allow his idolatry of the Court’s perception to outweigh constitutional jurisprudence- attempting to be a moderating force on decisions of significance that would otherwise be a dramatic shift.

Beyond all of the uncertainty surrounding the Court, the heavy lifting will truly be done politically/legislatively. What we do in elections, policy, and forming public opinion will ultimately be what saves lives or advances the cause of freedom. Should a Court rule in our favor in landmark decisions, it will be up to US, the Church, the Body of Christ, to ensure the conditions are met to pass the legislation that will glorify our King. Keep this process in your prayers.

For Freedom,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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Mississippi FADA Graphic

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed HB 1523, the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act. The law means that the state cannot violate the conscience of business owners or individuals because of their views on marriage.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom wrote model legislation for the bill. Kellie Fiedorek, an attorney with ADF, said people know the value of religious freedom.

“The people of Mississippi, from every demographic, support this commonsense ‘Live and Let Live’ bill, which simply affirms the freedom of all people to peacefully live and work according to their deeply held beliefs without threat of punishment from their own government,” she explained. “We commend the governor for signing into law protections for schools, churches, businesses and public employees, so they won’t face such discrimination. What makes America unique is our freedom to peacefully live out those beliefs, and the Constitution protects that freedom.”

The Little Sisters of the Poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor will have their case heard at the Supreme Court.

The group cares for the elderly and the poor at the end of life. But the Obama administration wants to force these kind-hearted nuns to offer contraceptives and possible abortion-causing drugs in their healthcare plan.

Weird? Yeah, we thought so too. Autumn Leva with CitizenLink explains why the case could affect many other faith-based organizations.