I am humbled to announce that Family Policy Alliance of Georgia has decided to endorse Kipper Tabb in his bid to represent your district in the State House.

We need more leaders with a sincere devotion to Jesus Christ and service to His people, and Kipper Tabb offers that in abundance. He radiates Christian joy, and his Spirit-filled life is evident to all upon meeting him. In fact, he has been serving the Lord as a pastor at Perimeter Church for nearly 20 years. This guy is the real deal!

A pastor and genuine servant-leader, Kipper will be a difference maker in the State House. His love of Jesus defines who he is, and we can have full confidence that he will never opt for political convenience over doing the right thing. In the State House, Kipper will winsomely fight for the Right to Life, religious freedom, and putting families first.

Not only does he share our values, but he cares deeply about people. He is the kind of leader who does not see differences first. Instead, he finds commonality, embraces compassion, and seeks to serve. Anyone who encounters Kipper- regardless of their background or belief system- will quickly see his authenticity. They will see that he is NOT a politician but a statesman and a public servant who genuinely cares about how to make their life better.

I cannot imagine anyone working harder to solve problems and deliver results for families than Kipper. He knows this district and has served its people. His leadership qualities have been evident, and his impact has been immense. In his ministry capacity, he has already started youth programs, addiction counseling efforts, and prison ministries. When Kipper sees a problem, he doesn’t stop until he fixes it!

The Capitol needs more genuine public servants, devout followers of Christ, and difference makers, and you have a real opportunity to deliver one. I encourage voters of the 97th District to rally behind Kipper Tabb. I have been honored by his friendship and counsel, and I hope to partner with him under the Gold Dome.

Proud to Stand with Kipper Tabb,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia