No one is perfect. Marty Harbin would admit that he isn’t. But, I’ve got to tell you, as a State Senator, he’s about as close as one can get.

Marty Harbin is a bold conservative, a committed and godly leader, a humble servant-leader, and a patriot. He strives for a Georgia that better embodies right principles, and he lives out godliness in his personal life. You will not find a shred of inconsistency or hypocrisy in Marty Harbin. He stands on a firm foundation, and he practices what he preaches.

For years, Marty has been the lead advocate for religious freedom in Georgia. He’s stood firm, fought for protections of faith and conscience, and he’s done so with a winsome and joyful spirit – even as the media, the Left, and the big business crowd attacks him relentlessly.

They’ve spent big to unseat him, and they’ve done all they can to make life difficult for Marty. But, he’s been unshakeable. Unflinching. Faithful.

During the Heartbeat Bill fight, Marty Harbin helped lead the charge. And, on critical issues to protect children, strengthen the family, and help businesses and communities thrive, Marty is right in the mix championing your interests and values.

In 2018, Family Policy Foundation recognized Marty for being what we see from him every day – a Statesman, someone who serves in a godly way, for the right reasons, and knows how to deliver results. It’s an honor to have Marty Harbin in that distinguished group.

One of my favorite things about Marty is how he cares for his colleagues. He’s invested in them as people, prays for them, cares about them and their families, and supports their election efforts. He’s there to encourage and provide a model of how someone can serve in office, lead a Christ-honoring business, and be a loving husband and father. He brings a sense of excellence in all aspects of life that God has called him to.

I’m humbled to call Marty Harbin a friend. The State Senate is better because he’s in it, and Georgia and your district are better because he represents us. Join us in supporting this godly statesman this election!

Supporting Marty Harbin,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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We need more statesmen in Georgia.

In 2014, after years of engaging in the public square, the Lord called me to run for the State Senate. I knew that Georgia needed more statesmen in office, and I was committed to leading in a way that honored our Savior. That’s why I’ve never backed down from a fight and why I’ve sponsored the Religious Freedom Restoration Act for the last 3 years.

It’s also why I’m so grateful for the Family Policy Foundation’s® Statesmen Academy℠.

My wife and I were blessed to attend the week-long conference last year along with some other great Georgians, and we were blown away by the spirituality, the quality of the training, and the relationships we were able to build. Having served in office for just a few years, the week affirmed so much of what God was doing in and through me as well as gave me new tools to go forth, stand firm, and take action for His glory.

This legislative session, I’ve thought about the training I received many times, and it’s been an honor to partner with Cole Muzio and the team at Family Policy Foundation. I’ve also recommended the Academy to a number of my colleagues, and I’m so excited to see several great Georgians coming this year.

Will you help fund this incredible week with a generous gift today that will be matched dollar for dollar up to $172,500?

When I first arrived in the legislature, I knew we needed more statesmen in Georgia. Now, at the end of this year’s Academy, 14 great leaders in our state will have gone through this one-of-a-kind experience. Family Policy Foundation is building an entire coalition of leaders committed to the shared goal of a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished!

At Statesmen Academy, legislators gain outstanding strategies on how to make this vision a reality, and the relationship with this team and your fellow statesmen only grows after the week.

Please partner with Family Policy Foundation today to make sure more Christian leaders can take part in this transformative experience. We need more statesmen!

In His Service,

Sen. Marty Harbin
Georgia State Senate

PS. I’m proud to be an alum at Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, and my hope is to see our ranks grow here in Georgia. Consider generously giving today to fund this program. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar to maximize impact and expand the number of alumni here in Georgia!

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is incredibly proud to announce it has endorsed State Senator Marty Harbin is his re-election campaign to continue serving the people of the 16th District.

And, this is a race we cannot afford to lose.

Marty Harbin is a beacon of hope for those looking for conservative leadership under the Gold Dome. Consistently, he has distinguished himself as a force for liberty, family values, and the hard-working people of Georgia. His faith is authentic, and his leadership is impactful. He is a true statesman and the kind of public servant the people of the 16th District deserve.

That’s why leftists and special interest groups are working tirelessly to defeat him.

Sen. Harbin is the sponsor of S.B. 233, which would bring federal religious freedom protections to our state. The Left howled about this legislation which does nothing more than affirm your First Amendment rights. Yet, he has kept up the fight, and he has done so in a winsome and Christ-like way. We MUST keep Marty Harbin in the State Senate!

A leader who will never be intimidated, Sen. Harbin is a voice for us and for all Georgians. He understands the importance of a thriving economy, and he knows that our state cannot truly take flight without also protecting freedom. We CAN be pro-business and pro-growth AND be pro-family and pro-freedom. Marty Harbin is the kind of leader who can lead the way forward to accomplish both.

We believe that it is essential to changing the status quo under the Gold Dome. However, the first step to establishing a robust pro-family, pro-freedom culture at the Capitol is keeping those leaders who understand the problem, are committed to fixing it, and have been fighting for us already. If we hope to move our state forward, re-electing Marty Harbin is pivotal.

In His Service,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. We are committed to a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. That’s why we are endorsing Senator Marty Harbin and rolling out other endorsements as well. Stay tuned for more news on our 2018 election efforts!.

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