UPDATE: Moments ago, a House-Senate Conference Committee passed an updated version of the Save Girls’ Sports bill. That means that both the House and Senate will be voting on the bill again very soon. See below for details, and speak up now to your legislators!

Around the country, the Left is forcing female athletes to compete against biological males. Let’s not let that happen to North Dakota girls!

This is a common-sense fairness issue. When biological males are allowed to compete on girls’ sports teams, they frequently rob girls of championships, state records, and scholarship opportunities.

The House passed the original HB1298 bill by an overwhelming margin of 65-26, but the Senate voted to gut the bill and turn it into simply a study. Now, HB1298 has emerged from the conference committee as a bill very similar to what the House passed, which is great news.

Votes on this version of the bill could occur in the House and Senate very soon. Now is the time to contact your Senator and Representatives to protect ND girls, which is easily done through our message center. When you take action, your message will be sent to both your state Senator and two state Representatives – all your legislators at once.

Thank you for your help on this important bill and for protecting our North Dakota girls from discrimination! Please spread the word to others today!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

What do you think is going to happen over the next two years? Will our country look the same when it comes to core values? Will our state?

I’m not prone to crying the sky is falling, but I’m really worried. There is little to stop the Biden Administration from issuing more Executive Orders or pushing liberal legislation through a Democratic Congress.

However, here is the part of the story that worries me the most as a North Dakotan. Our legislature meets every other year, so the next legislative session will start in January of 2023. Between sessions, interim committees meet, minor legislative matters are dealt with, etc., but laws are not passed and put into our Century Code during that time. This produces a very dangerous situation – the Biden Administration’s actions coupled with a two-year lull in our state’s legislative responsiveness. We will effectively be sitting in the bleachers for two years, watching the federal government change the country and our state day-by-day, with very little recourse.

That is why we need our legislators to be bold. We cannot wait for two years. To use the example of HB1298, the Fairness in Girls’ Sports bill, the vote on that issue must happen now and cannot be literally studied to death and potentially delayed indefinitely, as some in the Senate want. Our legislators need to take decisive action now, this session, and not wait on the sidelines for the next two years, watching as girls’ sports become a circus of meaningless feel-good performances.

Legislators tend to be rather cautious folks and I have heard many times that we don’t need to address something legislatively until it’s a problem. I get what they’re saying, and sometimes I agree. However, most of the agenda the Biden Administration is pushing is a virtual certainty. It already is a problem! Look at the speed it has changed the landscape at the federal level. We know more is coming and we cannot wait. If we don’t do anything right now to fend off the inevitable actions that will undermine our values over the next two years, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Thank you for continuing to respond to our calls for help by contacting Senators and Representatives. That is what helps give them boldness on tough issues. Your input as a constituent and resident of North Dakota helps encourage them to staunchly protect your values. They truly need to hear from you.

I sincerely respect and deeply appreciate our legislators, including those who oppose Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota on issues. They are trying to do the right thing and represent their constituents’ values. Help them out, and make sure they know what matters to you this session. Make sure they know you want them to be bold, and not take what appears to be the easy way out.

The next two years can play out in very different ways. Why don’t we draw the map of where North Dakota will go, instead of letting someone else draw it for us.

Freedom lies in being bold.
– Robert Frost

For North Dakota values,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director





P.S. Your financial help will allow us do precisely what I talked about – get laws passed this session that will protect our state and encourage legislators to advance your values. Thank you for your support.

The Senate passed HB1503 minutes ago by a vote of 35 to 12. As a reminder, the bill would codify the protections for religious freedom and free speech on public campuses around the state. For example, opposition testimony to this bill by the North Dakota University System confirmed that on some campuses, religious clubs are not allowed to require that their own leaders agree with the clubs’ beliefs. This is unacceptable.

This win happened because of you. I talked to multiple Senators who stated unequivocally that the emails and phone calls from ND citizens like you made the difference in their mind regarding how important this bill was to them. This is a wonderful example of how taking a few minutes to fill out our email form or call your legislator can truly makes a difference in getting pro-life and pro-family legislation passed in North Dakota.

Thank you so much for making your voice heard on this bill. Religious freedom is one step closer to being fully protected on our state’s college and university campuses!

For Religious Freedom,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


The bill that would have made recreational marijuana legal in North Dakota was defeated in the Senate today with a 37 to 10 margin.

Thank you to everyone who contacted your legislators to help get this win!

Best regards,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Religious freedom and free speech are under attack on college campuses around the country, including right here in North Dakota. For example, on some campuses of the North Dakota university system, religious clubs are not allowed to require that their leaders agree with the club’s beliefs. This is unacceptable.

The issue of free expression on public campuses has now devolved into speech codes, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and fears of “microaggressions”. Political correctness is winning over free speech.

HB 1503 provides much needed protection to exercise religious and free speech rights on the state’s college and university campuses.

Your action is needed now to help protect these fundamental rights. Your voice is needed to ask the state senate to support HB 1503!

Please contact them today and ask them to vote “YES” on HB 1503. Thank you for helping keep free speech truly free!

For freedom,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


The Fairness in Girls’ Sports bill (HB 1298) is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be voted on by the Senate shortly! It simply says that girls should always compete against girls in sports competitions. It’s just common sense. NOW is the time to contact Senators and ask them to vote YES on House Bill 1298. There are 3 ways to do this.

1. Email all Senators. Just click this link and it will take you to our Action Center. We’ve drafted a message you can send to Senators, but you can also personalize the message if you wish.

2. Call your own Senator. You can look up your Senator and their contact information here: Find My Legislators. Again, the main purpose is to ask your Senator to vote YES on House Bill 1298.

3. Email AND call Senators. Just do both the above things. I guarantee, they will definitely listen to you!

If this bill fails the Senate vote, it is over. Boys will be allowed to compete in girls’ sports and erase the most important equality wins for women over the past 50 years!

PLEASE HELP US PROTECT GIRLS’ SPORTS IN NORTH DAKOTA. Thank you in advance for contacting members of our Senate.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

The North Dakota Legislative Session is half over. What is the significance of this? It means that bills have all been heard in committee and voted on in their original chamber and have now passed to the other chamber. In other words, all bills that passed the House go to the Senate, and all those that passed the Senate go to the House. Bills that were defeated in their originating chambers are truly “dead.”

At this point in the session, it’s always a good idea to do a quick tally on how pro-life and pro-family bills have fared. The following table summarizes the mid-session results for some of these key bills. Green indicates wins for family values; red indicates losses.

Bill Number


FPA-ND Position

Status (Yea-Nay Votes)

HB1298 Fairness in Girls’ Sports For Passed House 65-26
HB1415 Physician Assisted Suicide


Defeated in House 9-85
SB2181 Freedom of Religious Assembly during Disaster/Emergency


Passed Senate 46-0
SB2308 Ten Commandments/Pledge of Allegiance in Schools


Passed Senate 34-13
HB1503 Free Speech on College Campuses


Passed House 65-29
HB1443 Bias Crimes (Thought Crimes)


Defeated in House 17-75
HB1137 Income Tax Credits for Education


Passed House 79-14
HB1281 Tax Credits for Private and Home Schooling


Passed House 50-44
HB1471 Preventing Taxation of Church Property


Passed House 76-18
SCR4010 Expiration Notification of ERA Ratification


Passed Senate 27-17
HB1410 Religious Freedom in State Institutions


Passed House 84-10
HB1374 Income tax deduction for COVID payments


Passed House 62-32
SCR4011 Teaching Students about Constitution and Founding of America


No Floor Vote Yet (Due by 3/10)
SB2176 COVID Payments to Parents for Home Instruction Costs


Defeated in Senate 5-42
SB2288 Scholarships for Education in Exchange for Tax Credits


Defeated in Senate 16-30
HB1369 Education Empowerment Program (Similar to Education Savings Accounts)


Defeated in House 45-49
HB1497 Tax Credit for Charitable Donations


Defeated in House 27-67


What are some of the takeaways from these results? First, vote outcomes more often than not aligned with your values. This is a good sign, as good bills will now pass to the other chamber with more “momentum” behind them. Nevertheless, we will have our work cut out for us in the latter half of this session. Bills that crossed over could still have significant uphill battles, particularly for bills that were more controversial.

Another observation is that many educational opportunity bills did not make it, both on the House and Senate sides. There may be many reasons for this, but having also observed this in past sessions, I think it’s fair to say that there are definite political challenges to providing full educational opportunities for students in our state.

What does all this mean? First, you have been faithful and helped make these wins possible through your prayers, responses to contact legislators, and financial support. Thank you!

Second, please be ready to act on our alerts as soon as you can. We honestly sometimes hear about hearings or floor votes just hours before they happen, so time is often of the essence. We try to not cry wolf on bills, but if you see something that says, “We Need Your Help Now!”, we really do need it now.

Third, your donations really help. During this time of immense pressure and work, having the resources to undertake our mission is certainly more difficult, but also more critical. Thank you in advance for your support in this area.

As they say, stay tuned: there’s much more to come. Rest assured, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will represent you on these issues – we will be faithful to your trust in us!

In your service,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Senate Bill 2288 would give taxpayers an income tax credit in exchange for contributions that provide educational scholarships to low-income students. The credit would be equal to 75% of the amount contributed by the taxpayer.

Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota strongly believes that the best educational system is one that gives children a wide-open future and the tools to explore God’s calling in their lives. We want to advance policies that empower parents to have decision-making power when it comes to their children’s educational opportunities. This bill would help accomplish that.

This is an important bill, so please contact our Senators and ask them to vote “YES” on SB2288. The fastest way to do this is through our email alert system. Simply click here, fill in your information, and click send.

Thank you!

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

Today, the North Dakota House defeated HB1415, Physician Assisted Suicide, by a vote of 85 to 9. This is a big win for all of us who are pro-life advocates.

As always, thank you for your prayers, emails, phone calls, and ongoing financial support to help make this happen!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

The Fairness in Women’s Sports bill (HB 1298) was voted in committee The Fairness in Women’s Sports bill (HB 1298) was voted in committee today with an 8-5 DO PASS recommendation and the floor vote in the House is tomorrow!

If you want to make sure girls only compete against girls in sports competitions, NOW is the time to contact your two Representatives and ask them to vote YES on House Bill 1298.

You can email them. Just click this link and it will take you to our action center and automatically find your two representatives. There, you can draft a message to your legislators and send it to them. Your message can be as long or short as you want.  Make sure that the subject line asks the representative to please vote YES on HB1298.

The other way to contact your representatives is by calling them, which is even better. You can look up your legislators and their contact information here: Find My Legislators. Again, the main purpose is to ask the Representative to vote YES on House Bill 1298.

If this bill fails on the floor vote, it is over. Boys will be allowed to compete in girls’ sports and erase these important equality wins for women over the past 50 years!

This is an important task. PLEASE HELP US PROTECT GIRLS SPORTS IN NORTH DAKOTA. Thank you in advance for contacting your legislators.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director