Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is proud to announce our endorsement of Congressman Ron Estes for the 4th congressional district.

Ron Estes is one of America’s most dedicated and strategic defenders of the unborn. He took a lead role in authoring a letter to President Trump urging his administration to redirect Title X funds away from organizations that perform abortion, like Planned Parenthood. Sending our Kansas State Treasurer to Congress was a smart move!

We have a plan to elect a majority caucus of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty members in 2018. Keep track of all our endorsements and other election-related news by following Family Policy Alliance of Kansas on Facebook today!

And don’t forget – the primary election is August 7. Put it on your calendar!


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director

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On Friday, Governor Brownback signed Simon’s Law, making Kansas the first state to pass legislation guaranteeing the rights of parents when it comes to decisions about the provision of life-saving medical care for their children.

The Family Policy Alliance of Kansas worked closely with our friends at Kansans for Life who led the push for this important law.

Governor Brownback embraces Sheryl Crosier after signing the law named for her son, baby Simon.

Remarkably, this is the 18th pro-life bill signed by Governor Brownback during his six years in office. We are so grateful to be part of a team including Kansans for Life and Governor Brownback!

On Tuesday, a little piece of history was made when State Treasurer Ron Estes squared off against attorney James Thompson for the Fourth Congressional District seat vacated by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Tuesday’s election was the first special election to fill a Kansas Congressional seat in more than 50 years.

Ron Estes campaigned as a pro-life, pro-family, limited government conservative – and won! (See photo at the top of the page.) We wish him and his family well as they prepare to tackle the challenges of Washington, D.C. and will be praying for courage and success in this daunting task.


Eric Teetsel

Seats are filling up for our Benham Brothers events in both Wichita and Overland Park! If you haven’t yet, confirm your RSVP here. These events are cosponsored by the Family Foundation of Kansas and the Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary.