Family Policy Alliance of Kansas mailers and ads helped inform voters in Olathe and Shawnee, resulting in major election victories.

Note: This is Part 2 of Keep the Faith in Kansas: SOGIs in schools

Tuesday night showed how Kansans can push back against the LGBT agenda in our cities and schools. See my report later in this email on how your support for Family Policy Alliance of Kansas helped bring about some great election wins in Olathe and Shawnee.

This is critical, as the Left has realized that they can’t win at the national or even the state level, they are instead coming after our cities and our schools. A comprehensive statewide sexual orientation and gender identity law (SOGI) has not been passed by a state since 2009. The radical left is mad about it, so they are now going after the low-hanging fruit – our city council members and your kids in school. In my last article on this topic, we talked about the effect of local ordinances on businesses for both business owners and their patrons. This week, I will look at how SOGI policies effect our kids in schools.

Parents often don’t even know what their child is being taught in the classroom on this subject – or that the school or school board has changed its policy – until after their child has already been exposed to the information. Girls come home telling stories of being forced to change for gym in front of boys, etc.

The biggest threat in the school system for kids in Kansas is through local school policies that open up school bathrooms, locker rooms and other intimate spaces to members of the opposite biological sex. There are already several school districts and individual schools that have passed these policies, including Manhattan and Olathe. Shawnee is even now looking into passing such a policy. These policies also coerce teachers’ and students’ speech by mandating that they use a pronoun that disagrees with the God-given biological sex of the person.

This is an alarming trend because parents often have little-to-no input in these decisions. We know of stories of young girls who refuse to use locker rooms or bathrooms at school because they do not want to be forced to share intimate space with a biological male. In some states, these policies are even coming from the state Department of Education where SOGI policies require that students learn gay, lesbian, and transgender ideology in their classroom. This can occur not just in a sex-ed class but also in Social Studies, History, English and other subjects.

Fortunately, neither of these policies has been implemented statewide in Kansas yet, but we all need to be alert in case Governor Kelly’s activist administration chooses to assert its will in this way. It is important that parents have conversations with their kids about these topics so that if they come up in the classroom, they know to alert you.

One final way these policies are impacting schools is in athletics. Many schools are forcing girls to compete against biological males in their sports. Allowing biological men to perform in girls’ sports unfairly puts biological girls at a competitive disadvantage. The size, strength, bone structure, lung volume, and heart blood-pumping capacity of the average male far outpaces even the most elite female athletes, even after the biological male undergoes hormone therapy.

Allowing biological boys to participate in girls’ sports deprives our girls of opportunities for making teams, winning victories, and earning scholarships. Biological boys are already beginning to win athletic championships in many states. Girls across the country are being cheated out of titles that are properly theirs by boys claiming to be girls.

A helpful tool on this issue is our Parent Resource Guide to help you understand what is going on in schools. You can download the full document here.

On a positive note, Kansans are successfully pushing back on this radical LGBTQ agenda! This was evidenced Tuesday night by the fact that the one of largest cities in Johnson County, Olathe –  a city under increasing pressure to pass a SOGI –  rejected two candidates who support SOGI in favor of two candidates who agree with our values as Kansans.

We also saw major victories in the Shawnee city council races. Victories in these cities show the rest of the state that most Kansans do not support these policies being pushed through the city councils.

Your support helped make these victories possible. Family Policy Alliance of Kansas voter guides, mailers and digital ads were critical to informing voters about where the candidates stood. Thank you for your financial support that makes all of this work possible!

Standing for the freedom of ALL Kansans,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

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We can all acknowledge that the Left does not hide its agenda or its strategy. It is very clear, if you are watching. The most recent attack from the Left requires that every man, woman, and child, no matter their station in life, agree with their radical sexual agenda.

As you already know, LGBTQ+ activists are targeting city councils in Johnson County to compel agreement with their sexual ideology in the form of sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination ordinances (SOGI). Because the SOGI issue has been in the local news recently, you also know why this is such an important matter.

Your vote in the City Election on November 5th can send a strong message about these attacks.

As noted in an email yesterday, these new ordinances and laws affect Kansas businesses and consumers in drastic ways. They also pose safety and privacy issues for girls and women because they mandate restrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms be gender neutral.

This issue is front and center in your city election on November 5th. Our voter guide will help you see where the candidates in Olathe and Shawnee stand on protecting girls and women’s privacy. Click here to view/print the Olathe voter guide. Click here to view/print the Shawnee voter guide. Know where your candidates stand and please don’t forget to vote November 5th.

For the freedom of all Kansans,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


PS. If you do not know the location of your polling place, contact the Johnson County Election Commissioner Website.

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Dear Friends,

The Shawnee City Council is scheduled to have the final vote on whether to pass a sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance (SOGI) on Monday, August 26th. It is vital that you show up to continue to let the City Council members know that you disagree with this policy.

Another way you can get involved is by emailing the city council members that haven’t voted on this ordinance yet or who voted in favor of it last week. You can find their emails here:

Michell Distler – Mayor

Matt Zimmerman –

Jim Neighbor –

Stephanie Meyer –

Lisa Larson-Bunnell –

Mickey Sandifer –

Lindsey Constance –

You can graciously let them know that you want them to oppose this ordinance. You believe that all people should be treated fairly, however, these ordinances do not treat everyone fairly.

They put women in very difficult situations when they are forced to share intimate spaces with biological males. They force everyone in Shawnee to agree with a message that is not settled fact, and many have disagreed with throughout history. Finally, they put business owners at risk of losing everything in order to live out their faith. Narrow religious exceptions for religious institutions do not protect anyone’s ability to actually live out their faith.

I appreciate your engagement on this issue up to this point. I am continuing to pray that hearts in Shawnee will be changed.

Thank you for standing for your city!


Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy

P.S. This Sunday, Aug. 25th, at 7:30 pm, there will be a prayer vigil outside of Shawnee City Hall. The Body of Christ will be in prayer for our city council members and our community. Thank you for your prayerful and respectful engagement!


…they came for your city.

Not to be an alarmist, but over the summer LGBTQ+ activists have been targeting cities in Johnson County to pass sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances (SOGI). These are the types of laws that have been used to target cakebakers, wedding photographers, t-shirt designers, and other business owners across the country. They silence debate and actually compel speech and action.

Cities like Shawnee, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe, and Overland Park are currently on the target list for groups that want to force residents to agree with their sexual agenda. If you think it won’t affect you just ask Jack Phillips, a normal bakery owner, who has been sued three times for not giving into the demands of Colorado’s radical LGBTQ+ agenda. Or Baronelle Stutsman who owned a flower shop and is defending her right to live out her faith before the Washington Supreme Court for the second time.

These ordinance force women to use intimate spaces, such as bathrooms, alongside biological males in shelters, government buildings, and even some businesses. Some cities have forced women who have been abused to share living spaces in shelters with biological men. They force people in all areas of a community to use pronouns that do not fit the God-given biological identity of an individual.

These are not made up stories. These are real people whose lives have been radically changed by this agenda.

These ordinances claim to make narrow exceptions for religion by exempting religious institutions but how can a preacher preach, or a teacher teach parishioners who cannot take what they learned beyond the four walls of their church. Our faith informs every aspect of our lives – this includes treating people with dignity and respect. However, this doesn’t mean that dignity and respect require us to become complicit in behavior that violates our faith.

Christ is the true definition of love and respect. We can still love and love well without caving to the world’s redefinition of these terms.

If you live in one of the cities being targeted to pass a SOGI – please reach out to your city council members and let them know that you disagree with these policies. If you are in a city that hasn’t been targeted yet, start talking to your network and your local government leaders to warn them about these types of ordinances. This issue is just too important for us not to engage.

I invite you to join me in this battle and be a part of ensuring that all Kansans can live out their faith.

Standing with you,

Brittany Jones
Director of Advocacy