We held our Fargo Dessert Banquet earlier this week and it was wonderful! Over 300 of you attended our event. You also brought family members and friends who were not as familiar with our organization, which was tremendous. We love to “get the message out” about who we are and provide our vision for North Dakota to both existing and potential ministry partners.

One of the themes I highlighted at the banquet was being passionate about your values. We at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota are passionate about many family values, including:

If you share our passion for any of these issues, we stand with you in your passion and are committed to fight for your values. However, it’s critical to recognize that taking action on your passions and beliefs is not optional. If you truly feel passionate about these issues, action is the only logical outcome.

One way to take action is to partner with us. We can be your eyes and ears when you don’t have time to monitor all these issues and decide which ones need action. Your gifts enable us to continue representing you in the halls of Congress, at the Capitol in Bismarck, and in day-to-day interactions with businesses, churches, and others who share our values.

Please prayerfully consider financially supporting us, both for election and non-election work. While many of you contributed to our work at the banquet, for those of you who couldn’t attend, you can still financially support us with a gift by donating online. Your support and encouragement mean the world to us.

We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together at the banquet. I’m so excited that you share our vision of a North Dakota where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


You won’t want to miss Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota’s Dessert Banquet coming up on Tuesday, April 10th.

Our keynote speaker for the banquet will be Steve Deace. Steve hosts a daily show for CRTV, the online conservative network also featuring Mark Levin, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and more. Each day he covers the intersection between culture and conservatism. Fargo’s own Scott Hennen of Flag Family Media recently interviewed Steve about his perspective on cultural issues and the upcoming banquet.

To reserve your place at the banquet, RSVP online or call 701.219.0948.


Mark Horritsma
President and Executive Director