by Greg Baker, The Family Leader

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Throughout history there has been a debate over the role of the Church as an institution when it comes to public policy. Does the Church even have a role to play in government?

The United States has largely bought into the motto of “separation of church and state,” but what does that practically mean?

According to the Bible, government is an institution established by God with the primary purpose to punish evil and praise those who do good. Yet how can government determine good and evil without God? Without the voice of the Church rightly proclaiming the truths of Scripture? To do its job successfully, the government needs the Church to fulfill the proper role of spiritual guide and counselor.

The Timeless Voice: The Church’s Rightful relationship to Government

by Bob Vander Plaats, president & CEO, The FAMiLY Leader

Family Policy Alliance is proud to be allied with The FAMiLY Leader in Iowa. This article appears in the Des Moines Register.

Donna Red Wing is the former head of One Iowa, the state’s most significant advocacy organization for those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or those questioning their sexuality.

I am the president and CEO of The FAMiLY Leader, a prominent Christian family organization that focuses on inspiring leadership in God’s three institutions: the family, the Church and government.

Donna and I see the world very differently. We are not natural coffee pals, much less expected to be friends. Yet we are both.

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Family Policy Alliance is proud to be allied with The Family Leader in Iowa.

I believe that God desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of Him (1 Timothy 2:4). That means people from all political parties and ideologies, and even those who serve as elected officials.

But how do we carry that message, that desire of God’s heart, into the halls of government?

1 Corinthians 9 gives us an answer in the form of a model: As Paul ministered to both Jew and Gentile, we must seek to tear down partisan walls to minister to both Republican and Democrat. Paul may have changed the way he communicated (1 Corinthians 9:20-22), but nowhere did Paul compromise or change his message. We have to do the same.




Even though a judge has halted the implementation of transgender bathroom policies for now, you still need to be armed with the right information should another court put their stamp of approval on the issue.

Our friends at The Family Leader of Iowa, one of Family Policy Alliance’s nearly 40 state-based policy groups have written a wonderful piece that will help no matter where you live.

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