Jane Dirks on the Issues:

  • Life-long supporter of life and is committed to supporting the Value Them Both Amendment (pro-life constitutional amendment allowing basic regulations to be placed on the abortion industry).
  • Dedicated to stopping Medicaid expansion from being used as a funding stream for abortions.
  • Life-long supporter of expanded educational opportunities for our children.


Jan Kessinger (opponent) on the Issues:

  • Deciding vote against overriding Governor Kelly’s veto of the Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent Bill which would have provided women hope beyond the abortion pill.
  • One of four Republicans that voted against Value Them Both and was seen being congratulated by Planned Parenthood immediately after the vote.
  • Voted for taxpayer funded abortions through the expansion of Medicaid.
  • Voted against protecting the religious freedom of faith-based adoption providers.
  • Endorsed by liberal activists groups like the Kansas National Education Association, Equality Kansas, Main Stream Coalition, and Stand Up Blue Valley.