Your legislator needs to know that you value them both

– the unborn AND women.

Please Ask Rep. Wolfe Moore to Let the People Vote on Life

In 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court invented a limitless right to abortion, opening up our state to the most brutal abortion practices – even abortions up until the moment of birth. Their ruling made even basic protections for mothers and their preborn babies confusing or illegal.

Thankfully, the Court doesn’t get the final say. The people of Kansas do – if legislators will let the people vote on it. Rep. Wolfe Moore’s vote could decide the outcome.

Please ask her to let the people vote on life in the August primary – when this important measure can get the attention of Kansas voters that it deserves, undistracted by a presidential vote that will overwhelm the November election.

Here is Rep. Wolfe Moore’s contact information. Please call, email or both. If you call, simply leave a message asking her to “Let the people vote on life in the August primary” – and leave your name and address so she knows you are from her area.

Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore
(785) 296-0424

You can also send her an email in just seconds by clicking here.

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their voice heard as well!