The steady drumbeat of the pro-life movement over the years has given way to a number of amazing victories protecting preborn babies and their mothers in the nearly 50 since the Roe v. Wade decision was handed down.

This year in particular, motivated by something as simple yet powerful as the human heartbeat, multiple states have enacted Heartbeat legislation that protects preborn babies from abortion once a heartbeat has been detected.

Georgia is about to become the latest state to enact heartbeat legislation this year. A pro-life wave is sweeping the nation, and abortion advocates and their activist allies in Hollywood are panicking—and for good reason. They want to make an example of Georgia, its pro-life Governor and elected officials by threatening to boycott the state and take business elsewhere. 


You can help!

Pro-life voices in America have been steadily building—calling for our country to end the scar on our history that is abortion—and we need to Keep The Beat going in Georgia by signing onto the Keep The Beat pledge.

Add your name to show your support of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and the pro-life leaders who have worked to protect preborn children with a heartbeat.





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