Mike Thompson on the Issues (supported):

  • Voted for and strong supporter of  Value Them Both, the pro-life Constitutional Amendment to restore Kansans’ ability to regulate the abortion industry.
  • Courageously stood to block Liberals and Moderates push to allow taxpayer funded abortion through Medicaid expansion.
  • Strong supporter of our God-given religious freedoms.


Lindsey Constance (opponent) on the Issues:

  • Supports Medicaid expansion, despite knowing it will become a funding stream for the abortion industry.
  • Endorsed by extreme abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and groups that have consistently opposed protecting your God-given religious freedom.
  • As a city council member was a strong proponent of the biggest threat to religious freedom in our community and has vowed to promote this same type of law at the statewide level.

Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Kansas