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We have the right, privilege and obligation to speak into every aspect of our government. Our Action Center makes it easy for you to do that.

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Who Are We?

We are a movement of Christian men and women working together to unleash citizenship.

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What People Are Saying

  • “From supporting and advocating for God’s definition of marriage to standing up for life and protecting our religious freedoms, Family Policy Alliance’s vital work has never been needed more than today.”Jim Daly, President
    Focus on the Family
  • “As Co-Chairman of the New Mexico Prayer Caucus, our members are proud to partner with Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico to protect the rights and values of all New Mexicans.”Rep. David Gallegos
    State House District 61
  • "I'm proud to work with Vince Torres and Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico in promoting a culture of life, family values, and religious freedom. I encourage like-minded New Mexicans to partner with and support this great organization.”Rep. Rod Montoya, Minority Whip
    State House District 1
  • "We are so proud to work alongside Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico. I encourage you to partner with them to protect your family and your values."Paul Weber, President & CEO
    Family Policy Alliance
  • "Families in the Land of Enchantment are blessed to have the Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico!"Tom Minnery, President Emeritus
    Family Policy Alliance
  • "Alliance Defending Freedom is honored to partner with Family Policy Alliance to secure a future where religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family are once again manifest across our land."Alan Sears, Founder
    Alliance Defending Freedom

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