Act Now: Pass the Pennsylvania Protect Women’s Sports Act

Pennsylvania high school girls, like the one in the video above, are losing their right to a fair playing field in sports because they are being forced to compete against biological male athletes.

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If we believe in equal opportunities for women, that must include sports. Biological male athletes have physical performance advantages that propel them to outperform women athletes. The world’s best female Olympic athletes would lose in competition to thousands of boys and men.

This isn’t about hard work – it’s about biology. These biological differences are why sports are separated by sex in the first place.

Girls are also being forced to share their locker rooms and bathrooms, depriving them of their right to bodily privacy simply because of a boy’s beliefs about gender.

Forcing girls to compete against boys removes equal opportunities, crushes female-made records, and takes away countless chances at scholarships and awards. We’re seeing this unfair reality become increasingly prevalent throughout the nation.

That’s why we need the Protect Women’s Sports Act, House Bill 972, here in Pennsylvania. This legislation would ensure girls are not forced to compete against biological boys. This keeps a level playing field for all.

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